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Trump Goes After Russia in Speech in Poland
07/12/2017 President Trump Benjamin R
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President Trump recently gave a speech in Poland, and it was quite evident that he wasn't sparing Russia one bit.

So much for this Russian conspiracy Democrats keep spitting out! Reagan said tear down this wall to the Soviets and the Democrats attacked Reagan for saying that! Hilarious! On top of this, new evidence is coming out on how Hillary’s team was in cahoots with the Russians in 2016 and so on. How about that uranium deal Hillary!?

Defend Humanity

Even though Trump is scheduled to meet Russian President Putin this week, he didn't shy away from the topic. He asked Russia to stop their destabilizing activities within Ukraine and everywhere else.

He also asked them to stop supporting hostile regimes such as Syria and Iran. He told them to join the responsible nations which were fighting a common enemy to try and defend human civilization which has been put more at risk with Obama’s horrendous Iran deal, with Obama and Hillary allowing ISIS to rise and take shape, and with Obamacare which has made America a part time country in many industries and facets.

He also confirmed that the US will be committed to Article 5 of NATO which means every member will defend each other in Europe. He had not endorsed the clause the last time he came to Europe, and this had angered his allies. But is Turkey part of NATO? Turkey is doing things that are evil and America’s allies need to spend more on their militaries and if they do not, why should America defend them?

Albeit the primary takeaway of his speech has got to be his insistent thread regarding the theory of a clash of civilizations. He was cheered by the crowds throughout his speech. Earlier in the week, it was reported that the audience for his speech had been hand-selected by the ruling party of Poland. They brought in supporters to ensure there was a large enough crowd.

They do not want any thugs or ignorant anarchists there! Food stamp loving socialists do not need to be there and if you do not love Jesus Christ, your opinion really does not matter either.

Media Bashing & Russia

Days before, Trump had bashed the bigoted and worthless media and spoke about foreign policy decisions. At that particular press conference, Trump also told the useless travelling press that Russia may have attempted to hack into America’s election and party headquarters during the 2016 presidential election but this cannot be confirmed.

He said he thinks it was Russia, but it could also have been anyone.

Fake news outlets like CNN continue down this Russia conspiracy story line because they are unhappy that the ethical people of America put Trump into office and the degenerates of society may lose their food stamps and America will stop spending money on asinine environmental regulations that kill jobs and wipe out opportunities.

North Korea

When asked about the missile tests in North Korea, he said that there were going to be consequences for their bad behavior. But, he didn't specify what the consequences were going to be apart from saying that they were pretty severe.

Trump had visited Warsaw for 16 hours before the G20 summit which happens in Hamburg. Poland wasn't an obvious choice for the US President's first European speech. But President Trump, being the pioneer that he is, chose the country to show that he is with the little guy just as much as he is with the big fish.

If we can sell natural gas to Poland and give something to use against Russia, that is just amazing

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