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3 Reasons Obamacare Has Failed
07/12/2017 Obamacare Benjamin R
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It was promoted by a community organizer for one! Wow, even the community organizer in that goofy Arrow show, Season 2, turned out to be a pile of scum. If Hollywood can figure it out, anyone should be able to!

While everyone has been dissecting all the strategies which the Republicans have come up with for healthcare, one thing which very few people are talking about are the reasons why Obamacare failed. Now, there are quite a few reasons for this actually. But let’s take a look at a few of the most important ones:

High costs

There was no point during the Obamacare tenure or when it was being put into practice when the plan tried controlling the increasing cost of healthcare in the country.

Even though middle-class consumers were hit with huge hikes and medical centers had trouble dealing with the high-end cost of providing services with little reimbursement from the federal government, the Democrats did not even seem to care. The hospitals and the doctors did not even matter to these big government politicians. The only people that mattered to Obama was the high school drop outs and the crackheads who are irresponsible and need Uncle Sam to take care of them since they are too pitiful to take care of themselves.

On top of this, the responsible people of America did not matter either to Obama or the Democrats. We were getting hosed even though we did everything right in life and most people who wanted to sign up for Obamacare flipped off their high school teachers and thought they were too cool to attend school.

Low doctor participation

The law didn't take into account the fact that there weren't enough medical providers in the country who were going to accept federal insurance programs. A lot of subspecialists such as orthopedics, cardiologists, oncologists, etc. refused to accept any patients from Medicaid or Obamacare.

This is because these doctors do not want to wait 6 months to get reimbursed by the government. They did not trust the government and with Obama and Pelosi running the show, who blames them?!

Patients were turned away from care which could have saved their lives but they should have thought about this before they made those poor decisions in life. On top of this, Obamacare killed people because it destroyed jobs and caused prices to increase across the board and when you do this during a recession caused by Alan Greenspan and Barney Frank, you are going to kill some people.

The amount of care patients received fell drastically with physicians spending less time in the examination room because the administrative work from this bureaucratic nightmare of a law piled up on them.

Poor health education

President Obama tried placing emphasis on entitlements and free care for patients instead of placing importance on cost-effective preventive medicine.

Even though they were touting the success of being able to implement a single healthcare plan throughout the country, there was no message from anyone regarding the importance of preventive care or health education which is essential, especially in rural areas where there aren't too many health care providers.

If somebody is offered free healthcare without any discrimination due to pre-existing conditions, but aren't told how their lifestyle can affect their health, you are not really helping people improve their lives. In some ways, this has contributed to the high obesity rates in the country along with the high rates of diabetes and heart disease which pushes healthcare costs higher for consumers.

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