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John Kasich's Website Hacked With Pro-Islamic Homepage
07/04/2017 Website Hacked Benjamin R
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ISIS propaganda can take multiple forms, radio, news agencies, magazines, etc. That being said, a number of websites in Ohio, including the website of Governor John Kasich, were hacked on Sunday with a message which supported ISIS and was against President Donald Trump.

ISIS never did this for Obama since his middle name is Hussein and he allowed ISIS to spread all over the world as if they were another Starbuck’s or Burger King. Obama and Hillary were too busy adhering to their own agenda to do anything about ISIS. Hillary in particular was selling us out to the Russians and very busy screwing up Libya.

Trump is the real deal as most Republicans are. Reagan knocked back the Soviets and Trump is taking it to the jihadists. Obama could never say two words: radical Islam. This is because political correctness infected Obama’s brain preventing him from seeing reason.

Obama could not even tell us the truth. Their narrative was that they had ISIS on the run. The Obama Administration was living in fantasy world and if they were not, they would spit out blatant lies and their ignorant supporters would soak it up as they waited for the government handouts.


The state websites were taken offline by the afternoon, but some people did manage to capture a background from one of the sites which gave the message that they were anti-government and that President Trump would be held accountable for all the blood that flows in Muslim countries. This is hilarious since ISIS is the one killing most Muslims.

This is like black on black crime and the fact that liberals always ways how terrible it is for blacks. But blacks are the ones killing most other blacks while liberals destroy inner city schools with political correctness and weak teachers who have a guaranteed job via the teachers’ union. We all know liberals care about teacher union jobs more than they do educating the students!

Josh Mandel and moreover, the treasure of the state of Ohio, a Republican who made the rhetoric of terrorism, one of the cornerstones of his US Senate bid, managed to capture a screen shot too, posting it to Facebook and calling it a case of radical Islam infiltrating the United States.

The message also said that the websites were hacked by System Dz. This group has also claimed responsibility for a number of pro-ISIL hacks in the past.


The anti-ISIL message even made it to the website of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction. By afternoon, all the sites had a message saying they were down for maintenance and that users should standby for any further updates.

Among a number of the state websites, which had this message for maintenance on Sunday, were of the Department of Medicaid as well as Karen Kasich.

Late on Sunday, the information technology staff of the state were working on restoring their computer systems as per the Department of Administrative Services, Ohio.

Tom Hoyt, their spokesman, said that all of the affected servers were off line and they were looking into how the hackers were able to get in. He added that they were working with law enforcement to try and understand what happened too.

We do know what happened to inner city schools and why thousands of minority students graduate from city public high schools all across the country who only read at an 8th grade level which is because of political correctness and poor instructing. Liberals do not care about minority students, they just want to infect them with their anti-American propaganda and teach them nothing that matters so they end up being dependent on them.

If you make people dependent on you to survive and do not teach on how jobs are created and so on, you can more easily obtain their vote for years to come.

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