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Trump vs. Obama Debate on Healthcare
06/28/2017 Healthcare Benjamin R
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Apart from disputes regarding the cost of insurance, the health care debate also has been the biggest public duel between President Trump and Barack Hussein Obama, his predecessor. This also includes an argument over the word "mean."

Remember what the word “is” meant Bill Clinton? In regards to Obama, it is a shame the country’s first black president had to be such a flop. But just because someone went to outstanding educational institutions in their life does not mean anything. In fact, it could be terrible since they may think they know everything and they may live in a theoretical world which just does not work in the real world.

You should have more experience than being a community organizer and a junior senator before anyone considers you to be president. You would think you would not have to say this but in this mindless world, we must state the obvious.


Trump has more than confirmed that Obamacare is a disgrace and has failed, and also added that a Senate proposal was a sagacious way of replacing the current Obamacare plan which was based on lies and theory. Trump at first called it mean but even outstanding job creating presidents make mistakes and we all know

Trump believes Obamacare was mean since it destroyed jobs, damaged families, raised taxes, and killed people. When you pass a law that reduces people to part time status and punishes companies for hiring people you should know this will kill some folks which it did.

Obama took to Facebook to complain about Republicans rushing through the House and Senate with their bill saying it would reduce coverage, raise costs, roll back most protections, and completely ruin Medicaid.

He also added that tweaks over the next few weeks weren't going to be enough to change the fundamental problems which were at the center of the legislation. The Senate is currently pushing for a vote on this health care plan. Something needs to be done; Obamacare is an abject failure and is keeping America from reaching 3% GDP and becoming a prosperous nation.


The debate between Trump and Obama is also happening among lawmakers, including various disputes within the caucus of the Republicans itself.

Senators, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, have proposed amendments to the bill as conditions for winning over their support. Cruz's amendment will allow insurers to sell plans which aren't compliant with the new Act while Lee wants a change which will enable states and individuals choose to opt-out from the provisions of the law.

Lee and Cruz are among the five Republican senators who have publicly stated their opposition to the bill.

While Trump and Obama fight over the philosophy of health care (Obama does not have any clout in this matter really; he had his chance/s and he failed miserably), the President chose to dispute the notion that Obama is leading the resistance against his administration.

He said that he didn't believe Obama was leading it. He only put a small statement out. That's not leading. Instead, Trump chose to attack lawmakers like Elizabeth Warren and Charles Schumer calling them obstructionists and we all know they are socialists, job killers, elitists, destroyers of the private sector, hypocrites, anti-Christian, and fake Americans.

Schumer, the leader for the Democrats in the Senate, said that he is just trying to block a plan which will hurt millions but see Schumer, these are people who dropped out of high school and flipped everyone off. Responsible people should not have to pay for irresponsible peoples’ behavior. That is contrary to natural law and only promotes more deviant and asinine behavior. He said that they were doing everything they possibly could to fight the bill since it was devastating for the middle class which is hilarious since under Obamacare the middle class has suffered on every level.

Household income went down under Obama and in Schumer’s home state of New York, the middle class is leaving that state and has suffered miserably.

Schumer, Obamacare made full time employees part time workers, took families away from their doctors, and raised their taxes. Your plan is terrible! The Democrats have no credibility on this topic. And Schumer never mentions these explosive facts!

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