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Trump Wants the Media to Apologize
06/24/2017 President Donald Trump Benjamin R
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President Donald Trump was on Twitter on Tuesday against a couple of his favorite targets, the media and the corrupt and dishonest Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Lynch’s policies helped keep thousands of people of her own race on food stamps. That is despicable!

Fake News

While attacking what he has so many times called fake news, Trump accused Lynch of coming in the way of last year’s investigation into the emails of the corrupt, sloppy, and vain Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State who sold America out to the Russians to enrich her foundation and to line her pocket book.

In 1992, the Clintons were worth about $300,000, now they are worth $100,000,000. Not a bad deal ripping off America!

He said in a tweet that fake news was at an all-time high. He also asked for her to apologize to him for all the incorrect stories which were being circulated. Trump, however, didn't specify which news reports were the ones which displeased him.

Even though Trump rightly disputed reports regarding claims of disgraced ex-FBI director James Comey who had told the Senate earlier this month that he believed Trump got rid of him because he refused to stop looking into his ties with Russia which are fallacious and we all know that Susan Rice and Obama are guilty, certainly Rice is, in regards to the unmasking of some members on the Trump campaign team and which Comey ignored and did not even investigate. This means Comey is partisan and not honest. His job is to target criminal behavior which Susan Rice exhibited in this unmasking case! The President tried shifting focus back to the criticism of James Comey when it comes to Loretta Lynch and where it should be.

On top of this, Barney Frank (destroyed the housing market) and Lois Lerner (attacked good people via the IRS) should both be tried for treason and be given the death penalty for their crimes but this is another topic.

Wrong Decisions

He said that Lynch made all her law enforcement decisions with political purposes in mind, gave Hillary Clinton a pass as well as protection. He called this totally illegal in a tweet.

Trump went on social media just hours before present Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate's Intelligence Committee. This pointless session touched upon any possible links between the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump and the Russians who tried to interfere in the election process last year.

The Russians did try to interfere with our elections and Obama allowed it to happen. This is because Obama was getting punked by Putin!

While Trump was criticizing reporters, he also said that Fake News Media hasn't ever been as wrong or as dirty as it is being today. He added that they were circulating incorrect stories on purpose through phony sources in order to meet their agenda of hating on him.


Trump has told the media that they owe him an apology on many other occasions as well. Earlier, there was a 19-year-old Israeli who had been arrested for threatening Jewish facilities including schools. He had been arrested by the Israeli police in Israel.

In the weeks which led up to the man's arrest, the media had accused President Trump as well as his supporters for this increase in nationalism which was causing all these anti-Semitic actions. They also targeted his administration for not denouncing them or addressing the situation at all. This is hilarious since Obama and the Democrats hate Israel and tried to interfere in their elections!

Even before his election, the narrative had already been set. Politico had run a story last October which said that Trump was what millennial Jews needed in order to awaken anti-Semitism. Comical since Obamacare is what awakened the Tea Party! When you try to take money from the responsible to give to the irresponsible, that tends to rub some people the wrong way!

Just a month after this happened, President Trump won the election, and the New Yorker had warned everyone that hate was going to rise since Trump won. They were right! All those violent liberals have torn apart cities and Portland knows all about that! Steven Goldstein was one of the people who was quoted widely, and he wrongly attributed this rise to President Trump. Goldstein – that is a Jewish name right? Trump cares more about Jews than these goofy irrational American Jews!

President Trump is demanding an apology for all the bad press against him. He has also addressed it in multiple speeches. But have things changed? No. The media is still biased against Trump because they are anti-Jesus Christ, believe government has all the answer, and loath Americans being prosperous. They are worse than ISIS and need to be treated as such!

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