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North Korea releases US citizen, is this the Trump effect?
06/24/2017 Trump effect Benjamin R
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A US college student who was imprisoned in North Korea and was in a coma for the last year or so was freed on Tuesday and arrived in Ohio later the same day.

But he was drugged and destroyed. So we have to be real about that. The disgusting and immoral country of North Korea has just murdered an American citizen. Though the damage was probably done last year.

Trump Succeeds but this is Sad Story

Rex Tillerson, the fantastic Secretary of State who is not selling out America like Hillary did when she was in the same position, announced North Korea had released Otto Warmbier who had been serving a sentence of 15 years for alleged acts against the state. His parents said that their son was in a coma since March of 2016.

Warmbier arrived at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati around 10:20 pm ET on Tuesday. A couple of ambulances were waiting for the plane so they could take Warmbier to the hospital.

During his incarceration, his parents only heard from Otto once, a letter dated on the 2nd of March 2016.

Otto apparently fell ill shortly after returning back to the states. Media reports say the North Koreans said he came down with botulism and went into a coma after taking a sleeping pill. The socialist and goofy driver license to illegals Ex-UN Ambassador Bill Richardson, as well as many others, have questioned this though.

Warmbier was tortured by the disgusting North Koreans and that delusional country is still living in fantasy land. The people there eat insects and grass while the folks in the South eat delicious and healthy food. The country has very little power, each home only has one light bulb!

But Warmbier is still partially at fault. Why would you visit that rogue and destitute country? What was he thinking? Warmbier should have known that country does not like Americans and does not play fair!

Tillerson said that the State Department was able to secure his release thanks to President Trump. The news came after Dennis Rodman, a former NBA player, reached Pyongyang for his second visit to North Korea. But Rodman was clear about the issue of Americans being detained in North Korea not being his purpose for the visit.

Heather Nauert, spokeswoman for the State Department, confirmed that Rodman had nothing to do with this release. Nauert didn't give any details regarding his health though due to privacy concerns.

She added that US officials were having a tough time getting information regarding North Korea from Warmbier. We don't have any diplomatic relations with North Korea and we deal with them through Sweden. The last time US officials had access to Warmbier was through the Swedish Embassy in March of 2016.

North Korea is a welfare country, they depend on China to survive. North Korea is an embarrassment to this planet.


Former business destroying UN Ambassador Bill Richardson (who used to be the governor of New Mexico which is a broken state because of Democrats like him), who was working on securing his release, said that the health system in Pyongyang was primitive and the details surrounding Otto's condition were murky. He added that it was a matter of concern that he fell in a coma and the information was not disclosed.

Phi Robertson, the deputy Asia director for Human Rights Watch, said that it was very clear that Pyongyang had committed a grave injustice against Otto and the news that he's returning with some serious medical problems raises concerns regarding what happened to him while in the custody of the North Koreans.

Tillerson said that there were three other citizens still detained in North Korea and they were working on their release at the moment.

Nauert added that Americans were advised not to visit North Korea at the moment. And that has been the case since the early 50s!

Warmbier was an undergraduate from the University of Virginia when he went to North Korea along with a tour group. He had been detained when the group was getting ready to leave the country. In a trial, which was televised, he was sentenced to prison for 15 years with hard labor as he confessed publicly to trying to steal one of their propaganda banners.

That should not have warranted any 15 year punishment but he should not have visited that mismanaged, violent, and malnourished country anyhow!

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