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Why Does The Mainstream Media Continue to Lie About Trump?
06/17/2017 Mainstream Media Benjamin R
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There are a lot of media outlets that encourage Democratic senators to spread rumors, innuendos, and lies regarding President Trump.

This is because the mainstream media is controlled by liberals who do not want Americans to be prosperous. They do not want a strong US military. They want America to be another pitiful European like country. A subservient state.

Liar Liar

First up was Senator Chris Coons of Delaware who is known to have spent most of his life in Harry Potter world and living in the land of theory. He alleged that the FBI had transcripts which proved collusion between Russia and Trump's campaign.

He said that there were transcripts which provided critical and helpful insights into whether Russian intelligence and senior Russian political leaders including Putin were colluding with Trump at the highest level in order to influence the election results in the United States. He added that the information was hidden away and they weren't able to get it to the Senate intelligence committee, and that meant real consequences for the Democracy that was America.

The only problem with this is that there are no transcripts. It was only speculation masked as facts in order to spread mistrust and fear regarding federal institutions and President Trump.

Coons should be put in prison for this. Coons should be given the death penalty really. How can America have elected officials that are this dangerous, this irrational, and this evil?

Coons is OK with babies being chopped up and their body parts being sold on Ebay. That is the type of person Coons is. He is a Planned Parenthood nutcase. And we all know Planned Parenthood kills minority babies by the millions. They practice Eugenics there.

Eat your words

Coons soon had to take his comments back and admit that there was no evidence and even apologized for bringing it up. He admitted that he didn't have any evidence of collusion. Coons is a joke! He lives in fantasy land. He has no idea how jobs are created. He wants us all on food stamps, trying to scoop as much as we can out of the public trough.

This was nothing but fake news which had been promoted by MSNBC since it served the whole narrative of collusion between Russia and Trump.

Similarly, job killing, non-Christian, food stamp lover, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse commented on CNN that he could see a scenario where the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, passed messages between Trump and Putin during Trump's campaign. He said that you could imagine a number of circumstances during the Trump campaign where talking points were given by the Russians, and Trump was nothing more than a message boy. No, that was Obama. Obama was nothing more than a message boy for the traitor George Soros, the job killing EPA, Iranian and liberal European leaders.

There was content related to the Russians and USA which favored Russia and encouraged them to support Trump. He further added that it was hard to believe Sessions didn't remember any of this.

This scenario was completely made up and smeared both President Trump and Sessions without any underlying facts or truth. CNN allowed the senator to spread this rumor freely just because it added to the narrative that Trump was bad and colluded with Russia. CNN lives in the fake news universe and Whitehouse is a disgrace to his parents and this country.

There is absolutely no evidence to back any of these allegations which is why they should all be taken with more than a grain of salt. It would be better for everyone if liberals just left this country. They are not real Americans, they are European secular socialists.

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