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Trump Might Terminate Robert Mueller as Special Counsel
06/17/2017 Robert Mueller Benjamin R
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President Trump supporters are slowly turning on Robert Mueller, the special counsel in charge of investigating the interference of Russia in the US election as well as any possible collusions with Trump's campaign.

There is not any collusion. Now there could be collusion with Obama and Russia since Obama allowed Russia to try to undermine our election. We all know Obama was getting punked by Putin. Obama is a punk and America’s allies and enemies both knew this.

America needs to be investigating:

  • the unmasking by Susan Rice
  • Lois Lerner’s devious IRS antics
  • Hillary’s criminal ways when she was Sec. of State
  • The Clinton Foundation and how they cheated and stole from countries
  • The violent left
  • Medias’ fake news stories
  • Susan Rice’s lying to Benghazi mothers along with Hillary doing the same
  • And so on

Firing Mueller

As Mueller builds a legal team, Trump's allies have started raising questions regarding the impartiality of the former FBI director suggesting he can't be trusted for leading this probe. These comments come at a time when frustration is increasing in the White House about the investigation overshadowing the President's agenda over the next few months.

Chris Ruddy, Newsmax CEO, even went as far as suggesting that President Trump was already considering getting rid of Mueller.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, tweeted recently saying the Republicans were delusional if they thought the special counsel was going to be fair.

Change of mind

Just a few weeks before this Gingrich had said that Mueller was a salient choice for special counsel and he had a reputation for impeccable integrity and honesty. But, he changed his mind after the testimony by James Comey last week.

Ann Coulter, a conservative commentator, said that now that the President was no longer under investigation, Jeff Sessions needed to take back the investigation and fire Mueller.

This talk about getting rid of Mueller comes from a number of Trump allies including some who are close to Steve Bannon, the White House strategist. They are getting increasingly frustrated by the prospect of a longer probe.

One person, who demanded being kept anonymous, said that Trump didn't collude with the Russians and the investigation was just a politically motivated sham which handicapped Trump's agenda.

These remarks may just be based on comments that came from Jay Sekulow, one of the legal members of Trump's team, who had, during an interview, said he wasn't going to speculate regarding whether Trump may, at some point, tell the Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, to get rid of Mueller. Mueller is a waste of tax payers’ money. The real investigations have been aforementioned in the bullet points. Who is leading those investigations?

Now Democrats do not care about wasting tax payers’ money and they have no problem with fake investigations that impede Trump since Trump is a capitalist and they are socialists. And since this country was founded on capitalism and became mighty under it, the Democrats do not have any credibility. And since they do not have any credibility what they say does not matter.

Democrats need to just leave this country. They are European socialists anyhow, they would be much happier in another country.

Peter Carr, the spokesperson for Robert Mueller, refused to comment on this entire situation. Even Sessions recused himself from this matter altogether since he has other things to focus on. Like creating jobs which did not happen enough under Obama!

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