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When Will America be Energy Self-Sufficient?
06/13/2017 America self sufficient in energy Benjamin R
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The increase in production of natural gas and oil along with a significant reduction in consumption is going to help North America become self-sufficient in energy by the year 2018, as per the forecasts from BP. As for the US, it is expected to become self-sufficient in energy by the year 2021 and even oil self-sufficient by the year 2030.

That is outstanding. And if the EPA and the Democrats had their way, this would not be the case since they are anti-fracking. The Democrats do not want a strong America, they want us sucking on food stamps and welfare payments. We know Daryl Hannah and Matt Damon are crying somewhere about all of this but since they are Learjet liberals, their feelings do not mean anything.

Change in the Mix

The fuel mix in North America is supposed to change substantially in the next nineteen years as per BP. Fossil fuels are going to comprise 78 percent of their energy mix by 2035 which is 5 percent less than today. Renewables will comprise 10 percent of the total mix which is more than double the current 4 percent.

Natural gas is the only fossil fuel which will increase its market share. It will grow around 1.4 percent every year to 39 percent by 2035. Gas is going to overtake oil as the number one fuel by 2023. And America is loaded in natural gas. America has plenty of coal as well.

The market share of oil in North America will keep falling and will reach 31 percent by 2030. The projected share of oil in the market will be the lowest ever since its high of 48 percent in 1977.

When America sends its last dollar to a Middle East country for oil should be a day of celebration and historical significance. This just means thousands of high paying jobs have been created in America and billions of dollars is being kept and spent in America. This is less money to questionable countries and suspicious sources.

The Future

While oil production grows 37 percent, gas production is expected to grow 53 percent. The total production in North America is supposed to be at 29.5 MMBOPD by 2035. This will be the highest recorded in history and 20 percent of the total energy production in the entire world.

As production companies continue ramping up, consumption is supposed to remain stable. The total energy consumption in North America is supposed to rise by 6 percent as compared to a global growth of 34 percent. Mexico and Canada are going to see consumption rise by 22 percent while the demand in the US will remain flat. Mexico and Canada can have some American money, that is fine, but America needs to get off of Middle Eastern oil yesterday!

The increase in oil production mixed with slower growth will reduce the reliance of North America on imports of oil and gas.

The dependence of China and Europe on natural gas imports will make LNG in North America strategic and vital. They are expected to be at 18 Bcf/d, or around a quarter of the global trade by 2035. America has the capacity to export LNG. This just means more money for America and more jobs inhouse!

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