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Comey Drops a Bombshell on Loretta Lynch
06/13/2017 Loretta Lynch Benjamin R
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Bill Gavin, the ex-Assistant Director of the FBI, recently said that the biggest bombshell which ex-Director of FBI, James Comey, gave while he was in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in early June of 2017 was revealing the fact that Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General at the time, asked him to classify the email probe into Hillary Clinton as a matter instead of calling it an investigation.

Now that is playing politics with an investigation! That is playing politics with justice!

If that is not an obstruction of justice, not much else is. What is even more hilarious is that Democrats thought Comey was going to light the fire under Trump’s feet but what he really did was light the fire under Lynch’s feet which points a very suspicious spotlight on Obama and the Democrats.

The Democrats hopes were dashed once again. Wouldn’t it be far better if they just moved to Europe? They do not believe in this country; they have European ideals!

Gavin Speaks

Gavin was speaking with FOX Business when he said that when Lynch had told Comey to call it a matter instead of an investigation. He also said it was only because she was ensuring that the Bureau and the investigators of James Comey didn't have a way of acquiring subpoenas to get people in front of a grand jury, since they weren't going to subpoena anybody when it was just a matter and not an investigation.

Hillary Clinton had all this help and she still lost! What a said and pathetic person. She is not entitled to anything!

He also added that the involvement of Russia in the election was a crucial detail which came out during the hearing. Obama allowed that to happen. Obama was the president but he was scared of Putin so he did not do anything about it. Regardless, Russia did not change one American vote so that argument is mute.

During his testimony, Comey further said that the airport tarmac meeting in Arizona between Bill Clinton and Lynch was one of the deciding factors in him deciding to tell the public about the email probe into Hillary Clinton.

We know Bill Clinton is and was dirty and then we knew how corrupt Lynch was.

Attack after Attack

He told the Senate committee that it was the main aspect which made it happen for him. The fact that he had to do this separately in order to protect the credibility of the Justice Department and the FBI during the investigation made it all the more critical.

Eric O'Neill, an ex-FBI operative for counterterrorism and strategist for the Carbon Black National Security, said that the part which was lost from the testimony of Comey was the part about Russia's involvement in the election. He said that they needed to be concerned regarding foreign intelligence services which were launching cyber-attacks on the United States.

Trump will not tolerate this; Obama played golf. And under Trump, the military has more latitude in terms of how it can respond to virtual foreign aggression.

He added that while the country is looking into the investigation of what happened at the time of the election, Russia has already started planning another attack as well as the attack which is supposed to come after that one. America needs to be ready for this.

Again, under Trump, it will be. With Obama, he called ISIS the JV team and played golf after Americans and Christians were decapitated. No one took Obama serious unless it was American businesses which he crushed with regularity.

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