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Talks with Russia "would be a good thing"
06/01/2017 Talks with Russia Benjamin R
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The Secretary of Homeland Security for President Donald Trump, John F. Kelly, was found defending a report that was published by Jared Kushner, son-in-law and chief advisor to the President, that said that talks with Russia "would be a good thing.”

Why would they not? We have massive differences with them, how can talking to Russia hurt? Now Obama tried to speak to Russia and then did not speak to them since Obama was punked by Putin and psyched out. Obama failed on the Russian front while the Trump administration is feeling out Russia.

Now if Russia is really giving weapons to the Taliban, they need to be called out on that and we need to let them know that is not going to be accepted.

Flow of Information

Kelly further added that any information flowing into the White House will not be criticized by him. Meanwhile, as the media continues to twist news stories, President Trump once again had to take the matter to Twitter and speak his mind.

The President took a strong stance against potential leaks on Britain's terrorist attacks calling it troublesome and "darn close to treason." Kelly nodded saying that the President was right.

It is treason. It has been treasonous for months. Trump is late on that! These people need to be caught and strung up. They are getting innocent people killed. Fire them; take their pensions. They do not work hard anyway that is why they chose to work for the government.

Talks with Russia

While the upcoming meeting with Russia can be a good thing for both the countries, it must be noted that Russia is currently actively supplying weapons to Taliban which is a known threat and horrendous. Yes, this was already mentioned.

The Taliban does not allow girls to attend school so what is Russia doing? Does Russia not like woman? Russia is basically throwing acid in their face too!  

Another point of concern is Russian ICBMs which are currently pointed at major American cities. Russia is not America’s friend. Russia is jealous that America is better than it on every critical level.

President Trump has just returned from his 9 day overseas trip and was seen walking towards the White House with his gorgeous wife.

She is the hottest first wife ever and unlike Hillary, actually acts like a wife.

Twist and Turns

Meanwhile the media continues leaking personal and professional conversations of the President which are not only hurting the country but getting little kids killed. This is why the President continues to call the media fake because no sources are cited in the news stories; instead, the word "undisclosed sources" is used. These media sites are misleading the public.

Facebook and CNN know all about that.

These leakers do not care about Jesus Christ, America, freedom, jobs, or little children.

While the media is thinking about all the wrongs that may come out of these talks, the President might be looking forward to end an era of hatred and warfare. Can Putin stop doing things to upset Americans? Can Putin stop being power hungry? Most people doubt it.

America and the world would be better off if Russia did not have ICBMs and if America had a missile defense shield.

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