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Mattis Says US Policy against Isis is Now 'Annihilation'
06/01/2017 US Policy Benjamin R
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James Mattis, Sec. Def., a real American, someone who has no problem saying radical Islam…..made a stunning revelation last Sunday saying that US is now working towards "annihilation" instead of "attrition" against the ISIS (Islamic State), and that the US government has now "accelerated" its efforts and "tactics".

Tough Stand

James Mattis is a retired Marine Corps officer. He added taking note of the seriousness of the situation saying that "civilian casualties is fact of life" and that they will do everything in their power to protect them.

Commenting on the recent Manchester bombing where 22 people were killed in the blast, Mattis said that this was not "normal" and that the government will not allow terrorist to "warp" their minds.


The prime accused, Salman Abedi, along with 14 others, were arrested in the aftermath of the unfortunate event. It is believed that Salman has been to Libya as well as Syria. Noting that ISIS has now become a threat to every civilized nation in the world, they are now working to retaliate and "throw them back on their back-foot".

ISIS is known for their wrong, warped, and asinine ideology and Mattis said it will not be easy to defeat them. Mattis is aware of the situation and accepted that the fight is going to be a long one, and will involve clash of ideologies.

On top of this, we all know ISIS blew up and formed when Obama was playing golf with celebrities. It also formed when Hillary was enriching herself and her husband while selling out America to Russia and everyone else.


The Internet has definitely played its role and the government is working on defeating IS on both fronts – physical and virtual. While he didn’t revealed the plans in detail, for obvious reasons, he further shared that the plan has been divided into various phases and that destroying their sense of invincibility is only the first phase.

It is critical to stop them from recruiting further militants because that way, they will run out of man power. The US government is also working with other countries and is working out a plan of action where it will “divorce” itself from countries protecting ISIS. While civilian safety is a top priority and for this reason, peoples’ or countries’ feelings do not matter.

The days of America being a punk country or a paper tiger are over with.

The US is already leading the fight against IS by providing air support in Iraq and Mosul. Mattis further added that there are many civilians who are trying to exit the city, but ISIS guards were stopping them from leaving.

America intends to free as many civilians as possible. Again, America is saving the world. Is China or the EU, nope!

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