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How America could Save Money and Reduce Crime
05/26/2017 America Benjamin R
keywords: How America Reduce Crime How America could Save Money Reduce Crime

American tax payers are being burdened with taxes for cases where criminals are fighting the legal system. When the system decides that it wants to pursue a case, a death penalty case for example, tax payers can end up paying more than $1 million.

The criminals do not care. When have criminals ever cared about tax payers? Criminals normally only care about themselves, they are narcissist that way. We see that in Hillary Clinton’s eyes. You know the person that went into politics being upper middle class and now she is worth $100,000,000. How does that happen?

There are different types of death penalties and all of them are more expensive than the simple procedure of shooting three bullets to the chest of the guilty party. That probably much less pain involved in that than the pain they inflicted on their victims.

Three shots to the chest is also pretty much painless. And if they feel a little pain, so what? With that said, three shots to the chest by a contraption connected to ten switches that ten different people switch. They are randomly connected so no one actually knows if their switch actually is connected to the trigger. Three shots to the chest from a .45 magnum caliber round, done deal, no worries about if they are not dead or them coming back to life which has happened with electrocution and lethal injection.

Lethal Injection – three different drugs are mixed in an injection which costs as much as $86.08, and this is the cost of drugs alone. It takes seven minutes for the accused to die after he is injected with the drugs. Needless to say, it costs more than what is necessary to kill the inmate. The Washington Bar Association founded in a study that these cases will cost around $470,000 which is like a small fortune.

On top of this, some states do not allow the transfer of these drugs across state lines (watch the show The Good Wife!). But bullets can be transferred everywhere!

Electrocution – in an effort to cause brain death, a strong electric current is passed through his head. The inmate has to be clean shaven; otherwise the electrode will fail to make contact with the skull. What is the cost? The State of Florida alone spends $24 million per electrocuted murder. And this is inhumane!

Why not simply shoot them in the chest three times and be done with it? Why put more burden on the tax payer who is already finding it difficult to survive in a jobless economy that the Obama administration has left behind for us? Yes, shooting someone in the chest will not change the appeal process but the argument that it takes too long and that there could be flaws with the method goes out of the window!

This money that is being spent on death penalty cases is a clear case of misuse of tax dollars. These funds can be better used to fight crime or even prevent it from happening in the first place. Even if the crime does take place, why spend so much money when all you need to do is kill the inmate? Now they have to be 110% guilty, like the Boston Bombers were. No one should be given the death penalty based on just one finger print or some eye witness, it has to be an overwhelming the evidence that is.

To receive the death penalty, the evidence should be something like this (not all of this though):

  • Eye witness/s
  • Finger prints left at the scene
  • DNA left at the scene
  • Caught on camera
  • Clothing and artifacts left at the scene that can be proven they belonged to you
  • Motive

You do not need all of this as just stated but most of this and the death penalty should be on the table. You should be executed within two weeks of being found guilty.

The Boston Bomber should have already been put down and turned into fertilizer.

America needs to back to its roots in some cases and the tax payer needs to be respected! $75,000 a year to keep these psychos alive in maximum security? Pathetic!

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