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America’s National Debt, $20 Trillion, How Obama Doubled the Debt in 8 Years
05/25/2017 Barack Obama Benjamin R
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Every man leaves behind a legacy and here is former President Barack Obama's legacy: $20 trillion in debt and ISIS and so many other things but we will not mention them! Donald Trump is right when he says that the former administration has left behind a lot of "red ink".

ISIS is the JV team right? That attitude is the same attitude Bill Clinton had in the 90s despite Al Qaeda blowing up Americans all over the world and in America as well. This led to 9-11 and Bush was forced to the right thing which was to go into Afghanistan and inflict justice. The Russians and the English both failed in Afghanistan, America has not.

And America would have done better in Afghanistan if they did not have such ridicules Rules of Engagement to abide by. It is amazing that American forces allow the Taliban and Al Qaeda to walk on their vehicles, harass them, drive around them, impeding progress for everyone, and we cannot even shoot them. Pathetic!

Double Attack

When Barack Obama joined came into power, the US national debt stood at $10.6 trillion, and by the time he left the office, it was $19.7 trillion. He single handedly almost doubled the national debt of the country. And all the while never recording 3% GDP debt! Horrendous! If McCain won in 2008, we would have seen 3% GDP by 2010.

Obamacare was the albatross around America’s economy and still is. The ACA is not affordable, it was based on lies, and it has burdened businesses all across America with all sorts of new taxes and higher taxes. That is why under Obama they were not hiring!

The national debt increased by almost $1 trillion in the past year alone. It will take a lot of time to clean up the mess that the Obama administration has left behind for Donald Trump.

Obama was never able to pull America out of the Barney Frank and Alan Greenspan recession. Again, McCain would have pulled us out by 2010 and McCain is no Trump, McCain is a lightweight when it comes to business acumen and job creation compared to Trump.

Here is how the experts count the debt. They only tally the debt that is held by the country in treasury bills, savings bonds, and all the obligations that is held to the foreign governments. If you consider only these metrics, once again, the Obama administration has exceeded expectations. The debt was $6.3 trillion when he joined, and now it stands at $14.1 trillion which is more than double.

Right Again

Donald Trump is not wrong when he blames the Obama administration for the state of the nation. These are not healthy figures. A sharp increase in the national debt begs the question – what the hell happened?

President Donald Trump, when he was still a presidential candidate, predicted that the debt will soon double by the time Obama leaves office. He was right – again! Yes, many people made that prediction despite the Democrats never mentioning it!

Some fake Americans are claiming that Obama cannot be solely blamed for this sharp increase in the national debt. As the president of a country, and as a leader, you have to take responsibility for your actions as well as your administration which Obama never did. He always blamed others. He is not an adult but a child. The citizens of this country have every right to demand answers to why their government continues to spend more money than it has!

Get on it Republicans! You need to change the way this country operates!

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