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Seven Reasons why Comey was fired?
05/20/2017 James Comey Benjamin R
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President Trump has done the unexpected again, and this time he has done it by firing the director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) James Comey.

It is about time! Comey could not even get to the bottom of the unmasking situation. That should have been a pretty quick investigation. The pathetic and disgruntled James Comey is now trying to strike back at Trump in childish and sardonic ways. James Comey is not a patriot but a petty and contemptible human being.

60 Minutes tried to prop him up but failed.

The decision was taken on Tuesday which has led to several speculations and widespread rumors which are not based on facts. The President has not elected a replacement yet, but it is inevitable that he find a suitable director soon. A true American, not a punk!

Meanwhile, let's take a look at seven reasons why President Donald Trump fired James Comey:

Job Not Well Done – one of the many reasons why Comey was fired is that he was not doing a good job. Donald Trump tweeted that Comey had lost confidence in the White House. He had failed to deliver results. How about that unmasking situation Comey!

Hilary Clinton Investigations – Another reason that was given is that he mishandled the Hilary Clinton's investigation on her using a private email server during the Presidential elections and she was the Sec. of State. He failed to come up with or simply decided not to deliver results on the investigations and instead confessed that he didn't have enough proof on the matter when there was an overwhelming amount of proof.

Comey said they could not prove intent but you do not need to prove intent when it comes to crimes like this. You only need to prove that someone was careless with classified information which Hillary clearly was. Comey upset most rank and file FBI members, the FBI agents that are real Americans, and they are satisfied that their department is no longer lead by a grandstanding negligible human being.

Comey overstepped his bounds in the summer of 2016 regarding his testimony to Congress. Hillary should have been sent to a grand jury. Comey thought he was the attorney general. Comey, know your place!

Obama Mishap – President Trump, on various occasions, has claimed that former President Barack Obama had wiretap him during the Presidential elections. When former FBI Director James Comey was asked to investigate the matter, he failed to come up with a solution and instead, publicly accepted that he has failed to do his duty and had no evidence then that supported Trump’s claim. He failed to do his job and instead of being neutral, he was clearly taking sides. Not professional.

We know Obama was dirty but since Comey is a liberal and hence a fake American, he sided with the European loving Obama and allowed Obama to turn this country into a banana republic.

Justice Department wanted Justice – FBI Director James Comey was fired because the Justice Department was apparently not happy with his performance of his duties, and wanted him out of the picture. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the Justice Department, and Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, both recommended President Trump to remove Comey since he was not doing his job.

Reputation and Credibility – One of the reasons that were given for firing James Comey was that the reputation and credibility of the FBI had suffered tremendously because of Comey's actions or lack thereof. This fact was also included in the official termination letter.

Breaking away with Traditions – Several key authorities and figures within the FBI and other public departments were unhappy with the way Comey was running things. Rosenstein mentioned in the letter that several authorities believed that Comey was breaking away from the nonpartisan traditions and the way things were usually done at the FBI. The condition deteriorated so much so that the agency and other officials felt a strong need to support his departure and hence, Comey was fired.

The Embarrassment – Trump had reasons to believe that President Barack Obama used unethical practices and his power to wiretap Trump during the Presidential elections. Comey simply decided to shut down the case. The same thing happened when the Hilary Clinton email fiasco came to light and once again, Comey failed to deliver results, or he simply chose not to…

Needless to say, the FBI, as well as others in government, is embarrassed by these turn of events and his consistent failures at delivering results. Comey is a Democrat and therefore has no business being in American and certainly in an agency that is needed to catch criminals, political ones at that! Hilary is a criminal many times over and it appears Obama went down the same road. Hillary to enrich herself, Obama for political reasons.

Good riddance Comey!

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