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The Obama Administration Unmasked
05/20/2017 Obama Administration Benjamin R
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So what is unmasking and why is it so important? Unmasking is the process of revealing names of US citizens within the intelligence community. These are the individuals who were being taped and their communications were being monitored.

Only the most corrupt presidential administrations would do this and it appears the Obama administration is as corrupt as the Clinton administration. The Clintons did not do this, or they were not known for this doing this, but they did other things such as:

  • Mistreat woman (Bill Clinton may have raped two woman) and destroy their lives
  • Attack the tobacco companies and Microsoft while allowing Al Qaeda to metastasize (they spent more money attacking the private sector in America than keeping America safe)
  • Allow Al Qaeda to blow up Americans all over the world, and inside America as well
  • Pardon tax cheaters while the Clintons advocated higher taxes
  • And the list continues

The Case and the Facts

President Trump has been saying this for months, tweeting that the Obama administration was wire taping him during the Presidential elections. It seems like he was right all along and that the Obama administration used its position and power unfairly for political purposes and personal gain. Just like the Clintons! How do you think the Clintons are multi-millionaires now?!

A confidential report was published by none other than the Director of National Intelligence at the end of April that was titled: “Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use of National Security Authorities.”

Here are some disturbing facts that came to light after the unmasking was unmasked:

The Obama administration requested to unmask the identities of 1,934 Americans during and before the Presidential elections in 2016. As compared to the year before that where the number of requests were just 654, the requests had increased by three fold.

A footnote was attached to the report that said – a single request may contain multiple US person identities. This means that the number of persons unmasked could be far higher than the number of requests made.

That is not good! That is disturbing. Thanks for turning America into a Banana Republic Obama!

Lies and Failures

Former and immoral NSA advisor and wind up doll, Susan Rice, lied about the unmasking when she appeared on PBS on March 22nd. When asked whether she knew anything about the unmasking of associates of candidate and President elect, now President, Donald Trump, she said no. However, just two weeks later, several reports were published that identified Susan Rice as a key member of the Obama Administration that was part of the unmasking.

Now we already know woman lied about Benghazi and did not tell the truth to mothers and fathers who just lost their sons so we know this woman is about low class as they come. Unmasking outstanding and noble Americans (which she is not clearly not) is not troubling for her to do at all.

Susan Rice later acknowledged, implicitly, that she was lying when she failed to deny the reports in an interview to NBC. A senate sub-committee has been appointed to investigate the matter and when Susan Rice was called, she simply refused to make an appearance before the committee raising more questions on her actions. Her denial to testify and honor the request made by Lindsey Graham, a US senator, only proves her guilt and her involvement in the situation.

Trump is not the only person who is involved or concerned about the situation. Sen. Ron Paul, former presidential candidate, asked on his Twitter account whether the Obama administration also went after all the presidential candidates, other judges, journalists, members of congress, and lawyers? He has formally requested the White House to provide more information on the matter.

The despicable and job killing Obama has further tarnished his legacy. He has created another scandal for himself, one that is not going away.

Whistle Blowers

The two main testimonies were given by James Clapper, former DNI (Director of National Intelligence) and Sally Yates, former acting attorney general. The question still remains unanswered whether the unmasking was done for political gains or other yet unknown legitimate purposes.

The sudden spike in the number of requests being made during and before the presidential campaign says something is not right. The fact that no one is appearing to testify or speak on the matter only shows that Donald Trump was right all along, and people are giving him less credit than what he deserves.

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