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Senate GOP Faces Pressure by Trump
05/15/2017 Senate GOP Benjamin R
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President Trump recently urged Republicans in the Senate to not let down the American people as the debate for overhauling the health care system of the US shifts to the upper chamber of Congress.

There are a few senators who have already voiced their displeasure with the new healthcare bill citing concerns about higher costs for old people, and those who have pre-existing conditions plus cuts in Medicaid.

America is $20 trillion in debt, Medicaid needs to be dealt with just like social security and so many other social programs.

Unnecessary Complains

Sen. Susan Collins from Maine, voiced such concerns saying the Senate was not going to take up the bill. She said that they were going to start from scratch. They would draft their own bill, and it would take them a while if they wanted to do it right. Susan Collins better hurry up then! Obamacare has failed and premiums have skyrocketed!

Susan, you have had years to do that. You are a little late to the party! America needs this bill passed now!

The budget director, Mick Mulvaney, said that the version which reaches the president finally is going to be very different from what the House passed. This scenario will force both the Senate and the House to work with each other to make a compromise bill which both will support.

Collins even complained about the House rushing a vote before the cost-benefit analysis was completed by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) but Collins is living in Harry Potter land since the CBO cannot be trusted and Obamacare is killing people.

America is tired of being a part time working country because of the draconian and anti-business regulations attributed to Obamacare!

Trump Reassures

Trump said that the present system was failing as insurers continued leaving markets which forced deductibles and costs to rise. The White House even scoffed at the claims that voters were going to punish the GOP during the 2018 elections for upending the law set by ex-President Barack Obama who now even may be a criminal since his administration spied on the Trump during the election but this is another subject. Reince Priebus, the Chief of Staff, said that he believed they were going to get rewarded. Nancy Pelosi, the immoral and socialist Democratic leader, threatened GOP lawmakers will be glowing in the dark because of their vote.

Hilarious since the day Pelosi took over the leadership of her party her party has continued to lose seats. Keep up the wonderful work Pelosi! California is falling apart while Texas continues to rise!

The House Bill looks to end fines on the people who do not buy disgusting and sloppy policies and erases all the taxes for businesses and successful people that Obamacare stole from them. It is going to dilute any consumer-friendly insurance coverage and prohibit higher premiums for any customer who has pre-existing medical conditions while watering down subsidies which help consumers to afford health insurance.

Moderate Governor John Kasich, from Ohio, was questioning what was going to happen to the mentally ill people, people who have chronic illnesses, and drug addicts after these changes are made. He said that they would be forced to live in emergency rooms once more but Kasich does not understand they still live there and they will no longer be sucking America dry like a group of parasites.

Kasich, Obamacare has failed, deal with it!

Obamacare is an Abject Failure

The American Action Network, a political group which has ties to the Republican Leadership of the House, said on Sunday that it was going to be buying television time worth $500,00 in order to promote the new healthcare bill. The ad is going to focus on all the important elements of the Health Care Act while thanking everyone involved for living up to their promise as far as healthcare is concerned.

Some lawmakers in the House have been challenged over the vote by people who do not want to work and who made the wrong decisions in life and want to blame other people for their own misery, though. Raul Labrador, from Idaho, got booed by socialists who have no interest in paying their own way in life, they want their neighbor to pay for their health care because they are too pathetic to handle their own circumstances.

Labrador told one of his constituents that nobody dies just because they don't have access to healthcare since they can seek help in the ER and so on. He is right!

On top of this, Obamacare, again, is killing righteous people. Obamacare attacked the responsible and added trillions onto our debt and destroyed choice in the health care system. Republicans want to give back to the responsible while the Democrats aim to reward the irresponsible.

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