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Donald Trump Ready to Meet Kim Jong Un
05/15/2017 Kim Jong Un Benjamin R
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Donald Trump recently said that he was willing to meet with Kim Jong Un if the circumstances were correct. He didn't make the preconditions clear for this meeting to occur, but the Trump administration did demand a freeze on long-range missile and nuclear tests while announcing they were ready to negotiate the nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

Real disarmament too! Not the joke contract Bill Clinton signed that every real American and honest human being knew was a farce. In addition, when Trump speaks the world now knows that Trump means it. Obama did nothing for 8 years accept increase the nation’s debt and now Trump has to sweep up the world’s messes and restore America’s respect.

America was weak under Obama.

Neutralizing Threat

Trump, along with senior officials, have stressed that they are going to consider military options to constrain Kim's regime if he continues testing nuclear warheads or continues developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the US. It is amazing South Korea does not have an Israeli like missile defense shield but that is another topic. America needs a missile defense shield as well!

The administration sent an aircraft carrier and guided missile submarine to the region although military analysts say that a pre-emptive strike can trigger a war. A war that North Korea would lose but many South Koreans would lose too. But this is better than waiting until North Korea has a nuclear weapon!

Trump also added that most political pros would not say that they would be honored to meet Kim Jong Un, but that he would not have any problem in meeting him as long as the circumstances were right.

White House's Stand

Sean Spicer, the fantastic spokesman for the White House, later added that there were a number of conditions which would first have to be met before this meeting could occur, and that the provocative behavior of North Korea would also have to be reduced. He added that they would have to show good faith which is something they are not doing currently and have never done.

Trump had offered to meet with Kim Jong-Un in June 2016 while he was running his election campaign so that he could highlight how he is different from Hillary Clinton. Trump added that if North Korea's leader came to America, he wouldn't be offering him a huge state dinner, but would offer him a hamburger instead.

A burger is something that no one in North Korea has ever had!

North Korea Responds

But these overtures from Trump were stonewalled on Monday by Pyongyang when the foreign ministry of North Korea said the country was going to speed up measures for bolstering their nuclear program as quickly as possible as a response to the new sanctions by the US.

A statement issued by the spokesman or the foreign ministry of North Korea said that they were ready to respond to any option the United States took. It also said that during recent military drills by the US and South Korea, aggression hysteria in brainwashed North Korea was at its peak and the situation inched towards nuclear war.

Since taking office in January, Trump has taken charge and we have not seen a president do this since Bush took over from the struggling Bill Clinton in 2001. But Trump is on the ball; Bush was not focused until after 9-11 and if Al Gore won in 2000 America would have never smacked Al Qaeda or the Taliban around like Bush did in 2002, 2003, and so on but this is another topic.

Rex Tillerson, the remarkable Secretary of State and a Secretary of State who does not work out of his basement while enriching himself like Hillary did, just last week raised the possibility that there could be direct talks between the two countries if denuclearization would be a part of the discussion. In July 2017, North Korea said that they were in favor of such a goal.

When asked about details regarding the preconditions for the talks, a spokesperson for the department said that the provocative nuclear tests needed to end. Then they would look for any other indications that North Korea was ready to engage. No matter what though, North Korea is a long way from not being a menace in Northeast Asia. And their people are still starving!

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