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Why Tech Industry Stocks are Moving North under a Trump Presidency
05/02/2017 Tech Industry Stocks Benjamin R
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Change is often met with a pessimistic view which is what happened in case of Trump. When he took over from the job killing community organizer, the tech industry decided to see the worst and Silicon Valley was not impressed. They sided with the loser.

The tech industry is mainly immoral. Sorry, your gadgets cannot replace God, family, and faith!

In fact, that nutcase Mark Cuban even denounced Trump last summer and fall before the election saying the stock market would tank under Trump. What an idiot! Cuban is a fool and now the world knows this! The man makes one good business deal and he thinks he is some sort of political and business sage.

Tech & Trump

In spite of all the negativity that has been displayed by tech companies, their stocks tell a different story. NASDAQ has crossed the 6,000 mark for the first time, and the technology sector remains one of the biggest gainers from Trump's policies. The country would be failing again if Hillary won. Her corruption and lies would be ruining this country even more.

And her responses to global threats would be alarming.

The information technology group of S&P has grown by almost 14 percent which is more than utilities, banks, energy, consumer, and the health sector.

Some of the biggest giants of the tech land have seen a significant rise in their stock prices, hitting an all-time high including Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, including others.

How stupid does Facebook feel now since they put out fake news all the time designed to hurt Trump and they punish conservatives on their website? What an immoral social media force!

Movers and Shakers

According experts and analysts who have been following the President and his new policies, tech companies are going to be the top beneficiaries of these new policies. Some experts are saying that tax reform is going to be the prime area to watch out for.

Although the tech industry, Silicon Valley in particular, fought against President Trump's immigration policies at first, they fail to grasp what is happening here (see Europe!), and that it was for their own betterment. The recent rise in the prices of stocks is a testament of the industry's faith in these new policies that Trump has formulated.

Now that his policies and tough stand have started bearing fruit, the CEOs of Silicon Valley have started warming up to the ideas of the President, and to Trump himself. Recently, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, tweeted that he wishes Trump success. Such is the magnetism and power of Donald Trump.

Trump’s success is Amazon’s success!

The Job Market

Trump is busy creating jobs in the US and he is now getting support from many companies and their respective heads from different sectors in the automobile, technology, and energy realm. This critical news is not only for businesses, but also everyone. More jobs and only allowing skilled immigrants into America is the route America should take.

Hillary would have continued to allow millions of unskilled illegals who do not speak English into this country which is not what this country needs.

Meanwhile, Trump has been busy meeting several tech honchos like Tim Cook of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Elon Musk of Tesla who have also decided to join the White House Office of American Innovation.

All these positive changes in the policies and lower taxes on the horizon and less burdensome regulations are what are fueling the stock market to new highs.

President Trump has long signaled that a change is coming, and it's coming for the better. In fact, change has already occurred. Trump has stopped Obamacare in its tracks and has already started the deregulating mission he set out to be on stated during his campaign.

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