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Trump Praises China While North Korea Warns of Strike
04/26/2017 North Korea Benjamin R
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The new dynamic President of the United States, Donald Trump, recently praised the efforts of China who was putting in to fight the menace that is North Korea. This came after state media in North Korea warned the US that it may launch a preemptive strike.

The Chinese Connection

Trump said that there were some unusual moves being made over the last few days, and he was confident that the President of China was working hard on pressuring their ally regarding their missile and nuclear programs.

Even though Trump didn't give any indication of what China is doing, they were aware of extra activity by Chinese bombers which shows that they are in an increased state of readiness. When asked, they said that they played down any concerns and offered a number of reasons for this.

The possibilities include defensive exercises and China's own concerns. No officials suggested any state of alarm and they did not say why these activities were being carried out.

The Stage is Set

US officials have been saying for a while now that North Korea might soon stage one more nuclear bomb test which is something that both China and the US have warned them they should not do.

Trump took a hard line when it comes to Kim Jong Un who proceeded with missile and nuclear programs while defying sanctions of the UN Security Council. The UN Security Council is a joke. They do not have any meat, no substance. Iran, Russia, Syria, all have showed disdain for the UN Security Council and nothing has been done about this. The fact that Russia is a part of the UN Security Council is just another reason this organization is pitiful.

The US and South Korea (mainly South Korea) are still at war with North Korea technically since their 1950-53 conflict only ended in a truce and there was no treaty ratified.

Tensions rose quite a bit in the last few months since North Korea conducted a couple of nuclear weapons tests as well as multiple ballistic missile tests. Trump has promised to prevent North Korea from getting the ability to launch a nuclear missile at the US.

Trump has been trying to persuade China to put pressure on their ally and any military movements by China are only proof that they are helping. Kudos to Trump for this. Obama did nothing for 8 years accept pass the buck to Trump or the next president and all real Americans are really happy Trump is the president!

Business Opportunities

He also said that he was willing to make better trade deals with China if they were to get rid of the menace that North Korea was being at the moment. But no matter what North Korea is going to have to be dealt with eventually.

North Korea is reclusive and continuously threatens to destroy South Korea, Japan, and the United States. There most recent missile test failed, but this didn't stop them from showing off their military power through a parade in Pyongyang. It is amazing South Korea chooses to live like this. Why they have not chosen to get this fight over with is astonishing. Their military is far more advanced than North Korea. And why would Seoul become so large when it is right there in the firing zone from the North?

The security council of UN said on Thursday that the latest missile test in North Korea was not supposed to be carried out, and that they shouldn't conduct more nuclear tests.

The acting President of South Korea, Hwang Kyo-Ahn, had a meeting with top officials recently and repeatedly called for security ministries and the military to be vigilant. The defense ministry of South Korea said that their air forces along with the US forces were going to conduct annual training exercises until the 28th of April. This has been called Max Thunder. North Korea doesn't think twice before labeling these exercises as a preparation for war.

If North Korea did not have brain dead leadership, there could be peace and Korea could be a mighty country. For decades though it has been divided.

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