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China is Working with US over North Korea Issue
04/22/2017 North Korea Benjamin R
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US President Trump recently said that China is now working closely with Washington in order to solve the problem of North Korea. This happened while tensions continued to mount regarding the weapons program at Pyongyang.

Trump Believes

Trump even defended his decision of not labeling China as a manipulator of currency since it was something that was closely linked with North Korea. This was done with the help of a tweet that he sent out recently.

The president had earlier said that China was the country holding the key when it comes to easing tensions with respect to North Korea. But, recently, he suggested that the United States would not think twice before acting unilaterally if China wasn't successful in reining in its neighbor who is ran by someone who lives in Harry Potter land and does not care about anyone but himself.

Trump appeared to be far more upbeat about working together with China in order to confront Pyongyang together. He made this known through a tweet too.

Twitter Again

He tweeted asking the people why he would call China a manipulator of currency when they were working together with him on the problem that is China. This makes sense, you have got to admit. He also added in the tweet that people need to wait and see what happens in the future.

Tensions have escalated quite a bit with regard to North Korea ever since Donald Trump sent out a carrier group into their region earlier in April.

Pyongyang hasn't carried out any nuclear tests as of right now, but a missile of theirs had exploded during launch on Sunday. This was just one day after their regime showed off the might of their military hardware through a giant parade through the city which America could mop up in about three hours of fighting if it wanted too.

China is still a currency manipulator and they still cannot be trusted but if they do prevent widespread bloodshed that is something to think about. But regardless, the fight is going to come. May as well get it over with. America, South Korea, and Japan should attack North Korea and end this threat but that would make too much sense.

Military Might

Trump, who had spent his Easter break at his resort in Florida, tweeted about the strength of the US military in retaliation to this show. The US military is rebounding after eight years of liberal neglect and is becoming much stronger than ever before. Trump has stated this in other types of words more than once as well.

Even though Trump's administration has talk tough in regarding the military when strategic patience towards Pyongyang was quickly coming to an end, analysts in Washington believe that there aren't too many better options to turn to when it comes to North Korea.

Richard Bitzinger, one of the military experts from Singapore, said that Pyongyang's enemies were witnessing the quantity and quality of their weapons at the parade held on Saturday and it was only natural for them to want to respond in some way or another. But many others question the quality thought. North Korea is still using technology that is decades old. North Korea is delusional if they believe they can defeat America. Saddam Hussein used to live in fantasy world as well, now where is he?

The hardware which is at the disposal of the North Korean regime is what prompted the United States and all some of its allies to reconsider their thoughts on a resolution with North Korea. North Korea cannot be trusted. Obama and Clinton know all about that!

North Korea’s military, as already stated, is not that impressive. But to not be afraid of their growing missile and nuclear power would be a bad move. Luckily Donald Trump is all over this and is not a pitiful sucker like Bill Clinton and Obama. Hillary would have been a sucker too, just like her immoral husband.

Iran, North Korea, and Syria all need regime change. So does Russia but America cannot do anything about that until it has a missile defense shield that covers all of its territory.

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