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The Keystone Pipeline is an Asset to America
04/21/2017 Keystone Pipeline Benjamin R
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The Keystone Pipeline (KP) project had been stuck for years, thanks to the irrational and elitist psychology of the Obama administration. But now with Trump as President, it is going to become a reality. The pipeline will be 2,147 miles long upon completion, constructed by TransCanada and will carry oil from Canada through the US and all the way to Nebraska.

Why not get off of Saudi Arabian oil in a cheap and prolific manner? Obama, and his rich white female friends such as Daryl Hannah, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, and so on who worship environmentalism, live in Harry Potter land and not in reality. KP makes sense on every level. Trump won the election because the general population of the U.S. does not see the world in the jaded and irrational manner that environmentalists do.

The pipeline will finally connect with existing pipelines in Nebraska. It will be used to supply oil to the refineries that are situated on the Gulf Coast. America can use this energy for itself or sell it. Either way is hugely beneficial. It is called capitalism! American jobs are created regardless!

The Route of the Pipeline

The pipeline is already in Phase 3B and soon it will be completed. It begins from Hardisty, Alberta and will run all the way to Steele City, Nebraska. 537 miles of the pipeline will be constructed in Canada while 1,379 miles of it will be constructed in the US.

The Canadian section will have the pipeline convert existing mainland natural gas pipelines of 232 miles while the remaining will be constructed. The 36 inch wide pipeline will carry 830,000 barrels of oil every single day. The US land will cover Buchanan, Clinton, Caldwell, Montgomery, Lincoln, and St. Charles in the Missouri region. It will then reach the Kansas and Madison County in Illinois.

435 miles of pipeline was laid in Phase 3a which started at Cushing, Oklahoma running all the way to Nederland, Texas. This is where America produced oil will be mixed in the pipeline. The project is currently in Phase 3b.

It will go through the refineries that are established in Illinois, Texas, Montana, and North Dakota. This is where light crude oil that is being produced by the US will be mixed in the pipeline carrying synthetic crude oil.

Obama's Mistake

The Obama administration took six years to review the project and finally rejected it in the year 2015. Experts have calculated the economic loss of delaying the construction and running of the pipeline for over nine years to be at approximately $175 billion. All this because the former administration didn’t approved the project citing economic and other irrational woes.

Again, liberals worship trees, and this warped view has hurt America in a number of ways. And KP will not hurt any trees! In fact, it will bring more wealth to America so we can plant thousands of new trees.

The Trump administration, however, started working on reviving the project almost immediately after coming into power. An executive order was issued in the month of January to TransCanada asking them to resubmit their long overdue application to the state department. The state department then approved the application in the month of March breathing a fresh life in the project.

Obama, being an environmentalist, didn’t approve the project. Some groups have declared that they will stage protests along the route of the pipeline which will only slow down the work, as if these protests can slow down the growth of the economy that is taking place in the Trump era. These supporters will get stomped on. And should this occur in a literal sense, so be it.

In addition, it should be built twice as large considering the illogical delay that this pipeline has gone through. There are pipelines all over America already, why liberals made a big deal about this no one knows. They just do not want to see America become a strong and vibrant country. They do not want jobs to be created for men. They want all me to be putting up solar panels which would be happening more if America had lower taxes and no Obamacare but that is another subject.

Economic Boost

A new report that was recently published by a news outlet says that the Keystone Project will generate around $4 million per day in tax revenue to the US and state governments. It is a no brainer! The Trump administration has made a very smart move here. With all this revenue being generated, the project will have far reaching effects on society both economically and environmentally. The benefits in this case far outweigh the costs. The Trump administration's commitment to the project is laudable and commendable.

As mentioned before, the pipeline will carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil every day. Crude is trading at approximately $50 per barrel at the moment. Do the math! The KP project will yield more than $1.6 billion to taxpayers, which unfortunately includes liberals as well.

Not only this, the construction of this project will also help the government break free from relying on foreign sources for their crude needs. Experts believe that though the effect of Keystone project will not be immediately visible, it will impact the price of crude in the long run and reduce America's dependence from other countries. This is fantastic for a plenitude of reasons.

This is a win-win situation for both countries involved – Canada and America – a landmark deal which will have far reaching effects on the economy for both North American countries.

The Trump administration has taken a very bold approach to the project. It is long overdue and just common sense.  


The construction of the pipeline is a boon to the economy as it will create more than 42,100 jobs in the process. As the construction of the pipeline will come to an end, there will be 50 permanent jobs, of which, 35 will be full time jobs and 15 will be part time. Why would you be against that? On top of this, it will help lower fuel prices in America leading to thousands of other jobs in every sector imaginable!

More than $2 billion will be paid in wages over the construction period of the pipeline. The resulting average salary per employee working on the KP is roughly $47,000. Better than working at Starbucks which is where the Obama economy put thousands of college grads!

The cost of rejecting the Keystone Pipeline project is one of the many mistakes that the Obama administration made during its tenure. Some environmentalist groups have taken to the streets protesting against the construction of the pipeline. They have failed to understand the true benefits of the project and instead are protesting on the grounds of fallacious global warming issues. If the earth wants to get warmer, that is its own prerogative.

These protests and court petitions will only delay the project, further increasing the cost of KP, and will only push back the inevitable. Again, liberals do not want America to be strong. They want America to be another pitiful and mundane European country. Who wants to live in a world where China and/or Russia dominate? It would be wise to let the government and the private sector do its job.

Overall Energy Strategy

Canada is America’s ally, America should be doing much bigger business with Canada and no one from any Middle Eastern country. Saudi Arabia may be our ally in some ways but 15 out of 21 9-11 hijackers came from that country and some rich elements inside that country helped them carry this out inside America.

The truth is still out there in regards to some of this but America has plenty of energy; there is not any reason to be doing any business with the Saudis. If America wants to buy some Canadian energy, or perhaps even Mexico, that is fine too but almost all of America’s energy should be derived from its own real estate. 

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