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The Trump Presidency: A New Era in Washington
04/17/2017 Trump Presidency Benjamin R
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When Donald Trump took over office, he promised to change the face of politics in America and give the power back to the people. This is contrasted to Obama’s government who forced people to pay tax and if they did not, they had to sign up for his disastrous health care plan. Pathetic! Anti-American! Let's take a look at what all has been achieved since he took over in January.

Story so Far

One of the easiest ways for Trump to exercise his powers is through executive orders which let him bypass Congress in some policy areas. He didn't waste any time in issuing these orders by moving to withdraw the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, cutting business regulations which destroy jobs, and pushing the construction of a couple of pipelines that should have been built long ago!

Even though this might appear to some fake Americans as if he has used the executive actions too quickly, he actually signed just as many orders as Obama did in his first week in office and the difference here is that Trump is rewarding America whereas Obama punished America. Obama never cared for this country and still does not. Liberals want America to be another pathetic, weak, apathetic European like country.

Many of his executive actions were created to deliver on promises made during his campaign, but they don't have too much power. Even though executive orders could be used for changing how resources are used by federal agencies, they can't assign new funds or laws to the agencies.

Choose Right

Trump's attempts to cut regulations and his hard take on immigration have impressed a lot of supporters, and now that his pick for Supreme Court is confirmed, conservatives once again have a majority. His approval ratings among Republicans are over 80 percent and who cares what Democrats think since they are socialists and do not believe in the principles put forth by our Founding Fathers. As long as Republicans control the Senate and the House, the rest doesn't really matter.

Immigration was his signature issue while campaigning and a lot of executive orders have been signed for this. One of the first orders was to build a wall on the Mexican border which has around 650 miles worth of fencing which can be expanded if the wall is not approved at all or in certain areas. California has a wonderful fence that can be extended much more. Good job California! But bad job California for wanting to be a sanctuary state which means you do not care about your woman, children, or safety.

The funds must be approved by Congress before the construction can start and that hasn't happened yet. He insists that all costs shall be recouped from the Mexicans even though the country's leaders have refuted this. But Mexico has already started paying for the wall since thousands of unskilled people have chosen to remain in Mexico and not come to America and hopping on our welfare rolls costing us. So in effect, Mexico is already paying for the wall.

No more anchor babies!

Even though he hasn't changed immigration laws in the US just yet, he has signed a couple of executive memos which tell immigration officers to take a tougher stance while enforcing the current measures. The number of people being apprehended at the US-Mexico border has reduced drastically under President Trump’s reign. His crackdown on illegal immigrants has worked well although there are still around 11 million illegal immigrants in the country already.

The Chinese Connection

Trump also accused China and Mexico of stealing jobs from Americans and promised to create over 25 million jobs in a 10 year period which he will do when taxes are lowered and Obamacare goes away and both these plans are being worked on. He vowed to bring jobs that have moved overseas back to the country. The stock market is the perfect sign of just how well his policies are working. There has been a surge of optimism all over. Investors certainly are encouraged by the infrastructure projects, tax cuts, and deregulation.

Lastly, President Trump is moving to reduce funding for Obamacare's subsidies because the irresponsible have no business stealing money from the responsible. Trump is still putting together his version of the perfect healthcare plan, and it won't be long before it is introduced to the public.

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