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Chinese Newspaper Claims that Syria Strike was Designed to Intimidate North Korea
04/17/2017 Chinese Newspaper Benjamin R
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The decision of US President Donald Trump to attack Syria, according to a newspaper in China, was meant as a means of intimidating Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. G7 ministers recently met in order to discuss the fallout of this missile incursion last week.

The attack on Syria was to intimidate a mad man who runs that country and his wife, the first lady of hell. But it could have meant as a warning to Iran too and several other countries.

The Global Times said that right now, a strike on North Korea would decimate the Korean peninsula. The United States Navy already has a strike group near the western Pacific Ocean to prove they have a presence around the Korean peninsula. If things go hot, there could even more strike groups around the Korean peninsula.

North Korea Stance

Kim planned to hold a sixth nuclear test in his country on the 15th of April for the 105th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung's birth but it failed. Officials from South Korea were content with that. But we all know North Korea will continue to try to improve their nuclear capabilities with the Iranians helping them. Another reasons Iran needs new leadership. A lot of foreign journalists have also been invited to this event.

This is testament to the Obama legacy. He did nothing for 8 years accept play golf and spend more American money on failed plans driving us further into debt (doubling it in fact). Now a real President, someone who is not a wimp, has to reassert America’s power in this world to squash violent foes.

The Global Times said that the decision of deploying a strike force in the Western Pacific cautioned Pyongyang from doing anything which may further inflame situations. Any new nuclear tests are going to be met with unprecedented reactions from the worldwide community but what does this mean? The world is not willing to do anything. Only Japan, the US, and South Korea are worried about this. Has South Korea done what it takes to protect Seoul?

These warnings were after Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, (and, no he does not work out of his basement and is not selling out America for his own gain like Hilary did) said that the situation had reached a level where action was necessary in North Korea.


When asked whether what happened in Syria was a message to North Korea, he said that the message was intended for all countries around the world that if they violated international norms, agreements, didn't live up to their commitments, or became a threat for others, a response was likely at some point as just mentioned.

HR McMaster, the National Security Adviser for the United States government, said that Trump was looking for a number of options for removing the threat of Kim Jong-un for the American people as well as their allies.

As per NBC, the options included sending nuclear weapons to South Korea and even killing Kim Jong-un.

Rising Tension

The rising tension in the Korean peninsula as well as Syria's conflict have dominated the G7 foreign ministers meeting in Tuscany. Foreign ministers from Canada, France, Britain, Italy, Germany, and Japan were all at the meeting and pressed Tillerson for answers regarding the intentions of the White House when it comes to Bashar al-Assad.

In the last week itself, Washington has sent out some conflicting messages on this subject. Right now, the chances of Trump exerting force in North Korea are very high. China is very worried about this situation as they should be.

Even an expert on North Korea, Cheng Xiaohe, from Renmin University in Beijing, said that when Trump attacked Syria, he killed 4 birds with a single stone. He projected strength, hurt Assad, and piled pressure on China. He has, in the past, accused them of not doing their part as far as Pyongyang is concerned.

He added that the President sent a signal to North Korea that they were more than willing to make use of force against them and that Kim Jong-un needs to think carefully before taking any further action. The chances of Trump using force against North Korean certainly has gone up.

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