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Trump Says North Korea needs to be Dealt With
04/08/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, his Chinese counterpart, are going to hold their first talk face-to-face in Florida later this week, in early April of 2017. This is a highly anticipated meeting between two leaders who are at loggerheads in terms of China's ambitions and how North Korea's weapons programs are to be treated.

White House

The White House said that Xi will be hosted on Thursday as well as Friday in Florida where they are going to discuss regional, global, and bilateral issues concerning them both.

Trump and Melania are going to host Xi and Peng Liyuan, his wife, for dinner on Thursday according to a statement released by the White House.

This is going to be the first time that Trump and Xi are meeting. Tensions between two of the largest economies in the world are sky high as far as issues like North Korea, the South China Sea, trade, and Taiwan are concerned.

Lu Kang, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, offered no details regarding Xi's agenda or travel plans, but did mention that it was important for them to look at the big picture and foster mutual interests in terms of trade relations.

The Market

It is the market which dictates, the interests between countries which means China and the US will always have each other. Both the sides have to work together in order to meet their mutual interests instead of seeking fairer distribution all the time.

Administration officials in the US say that North Korea, the biggest trade imbalance between the US and China as well as the pursuit of Beijing as far as the South China Sea is concerned are going to be the top of the agenda.

The summit is going to follow a number of other US-China conversations and meetings which were all aimed at fixing the ties after China criticized Trump during the presidential campaign. America’s enemies are finding out that Trump is the real deal and if they wanted to continue to take advantage of America’s weakness under Obama, they certainly wished Hillary Clinton would have won. But for the sake of goodness and morality, Trump won.

The Secretary of State for the US, Rex Tillerson, finished a trip to Beijing earlier this month and said that they would work with China with enhance their understanding as far as North Korea was concerned.

China was irritated since they were repeatedly being told by the US to rein in the missile and nuclear programs in North Korea. They were all irritated because of the decision of the US to base one of their advanced missile defense systems out of South Korea. China will continue to be irritated because Trump is not a lightweight like Obama was.

The days of China getting a free lunch in every aspect in terms of dealing with America are over with.

False Claims and Unfair Practices

Beijing is also very suspicious as far as the intentions of the United States are concerned when it comes to Taiwan. China claims Taiwan to be its own. This is largely a disputed matter. Taiwan wants to remain free. China despises freedom. China is ran by big government communists. China makes California look like Texas!

During Trump's election campaign, he accused China of adopting unfair trade policies, criticized their island building in the South China Sea, and also accused them of not doing enough to restrain North Korea. No matter what, North Korea is going to have to be dealt with violently. One American president after another keeps kicking that bottle down the road.

Trump also irritated Beijing in December by taking a phone call of the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen saying that Washington was not going to stick to a policy of "One China."

He agreed later during a phone call with the Chinese president to honor the policy set up with China and has even written to Jinping asking for constructive ties.

China cannot be trusted and Trump knows this. America has many issues it can use to leverage against China. For one, America can pull out of Japan and tell Japan they are free to build up their own military and look out for their own interests. This is something China does not want at all too happen!

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