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Neil Gorsuch on America's Issues
04/08/2017 Neil Gorsuch Benjamin R
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The reason why President Donald Trump selected Neil Gorsuch as the next nominee for Supreme Court is because he has a proven track record. He is the perfect candidate for this job because he has a paper trail of judicial opinions since the time he was on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and everyone verifies he is a real American and not a politically correct hack like Justice Sotomayor.

Let's have a look at some of the most pressing issues of the Supreme Court and where Gorsuch stands:


Gorsuch, in one of his books, has opined that all human lives are valuable intrinsically, and that taking life away even by a private person is always wrong. His philosophy is judicial and in that sense, he is remarkably well-qualified for the position by a general consensus. Abortion is evil, any moral person can attest to that. Unless it is some extreme case which occurs about 0.01% of the time, abortion is wrong.

When you allow abortion, you undermine the importance of woman in society. If they can kill their own babies, woman do not become as important in society as they should be.

Second Amendment

As far as the second amendment is concerned, Gorsuch never really ruled squarely on the matter. Gorsuch is known to be devoted to originalism by advocates of gun rights, but he himself never expressed his opinions and thoughts on the matter publicly. The Second Amendment protects an individual's right to carry a gun for self-defense purposes. Gorsuch expressed his opinion on the matter saying that the Amendment may not be "infringed lightly."

Hopefully Trump asked him about this and abortion before he put his name up!

National Security

Gorsuch is a Federal Appeals court judge and has not ruled on national security issues extensively. He was serving at the justice department as an acting principal deputy attorney before he took the bench, and he was largely responsible for editing and reviewing legal briefings as well as developing and working on strategies for cases. This was back in the year 2005-06.

In a document that was released a few years later, Gorsuch had gone on to praise Condoleeaza Rice, the then secretary of state for getting out and about. He said that the action was long overdue and that it was high time someone defended detention policies and talk about their successes.


Some critiques believe that Gorsuch is no different than a select few and that he will continue to further the old trend where big businesses are favored more than smaller businesses and individuals. Kind of like when Obama bailed out GM ripping off America while knowing he could not bail out every business going under. The Democrats are the ones for big business as long as they employ unions which put that business in a nightmarish situation in the first place.

When a TransAm trucker filed a complaint alleging that he was fired for all the wrong reasons, Gorsuch's offered legally correct answers.

The driver in question decided to leave the trailer behind when his brakes failed him in freezing weather, and was subsequently fired for abandoning the truck. The truck driver should have had a jacket!

Gorsuch held that their job was to conclude whether the decision was legally correct or not. He held that the company fired the driver, Maddin, for disobeying an order that entailed staying with the truck until further help arrived.

However David C. Frederick, who is a longtime friend of Gorsuch and also a lawyer, believes that people who are criticizing Gorsuch for favoring conglomerates are actually mistaken. He is not pro-corporation and gave the example of Rockwell International and Dow Chemical. Gorsuch helped reinstate a $920 million jury verdict which was for environmental contamination at the Rocky Flats where the nuclear facility was located.

Accountability matters to Gorsuch.

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