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Donald Trump's Former Campaign Manager Agrees to be Questioned by the Committee
03/28/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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Paul Manafort, the ex-campaign chairman for Donald Trump, who was supposed to have received millions of dollars from a billionaire in Russia in order to advance Vladimir Putin's interests 10 years ago, has now volunteered to speak with the intelligence committee of the House.


Current chairman, Devin Nunes, a Republican from the bankrupt and violent state of California which is ran by Democrats, said that the committee had been contacted in this regard on Thursday. He added that they thank him for volunteering and encouraged anyone else who knows about these issues to interview voluntarily too.

Adam Schiff, a ranking Democrat (the party that has ruined America’s health care system and took us to $20 trillion in debt in 8 years when the job killing president Obama was in office) from the committee, said that announcing the offer from Manafort was nothing more than a way for a public hearing to be cancelled by Nunes which would have featured members from the intelligence team of former President, Barack Obama.

Nunes also said the committee requested for James Comey, the FBI director and the NSA director Michael S. Rogers, who had testified during an open session last Monday to return and testify once more for a closed session. He said that it was vital for both of them to come so that they could move forward.


During his testimony, Comey had revealed that Trump's campaign was under investigation by the FBI regarding whether Russia was involved during the 2016 presidential campaign which all real Americans know was a waste of tax payers’ money. How is Lois Lerner and Barney Frank free people? They are the ones who should be locked up and executed for destroying lives literally and figuratively. 

These developments follow a week of events where Nunes briefed Trump after looking at documents which identified various US citizens from Trump's transition team who were caught up in incidental surveillance of agency targets. Nunes made it clear that he knew about this unmasking of people even before he saw the documents which proved it. He also said that he didn't know who had authorized this unmasking or whether there was any reason for it to have occurred.

American citizens who were caught up when speaking with these targets aren't to be identified unless under a particular set of exceptions. Democrats say that Nunes' visit to the White House has managed to compromise fallacious and political investigations which were being conducted by the FBI and the intelligence committee. Good for Nunes!


Nunes said that Manafort could testify during a public hearing or in closed settings and it wasn't clear when it was going to happen. He said that they wanted more to come forward and it was a fantastic aspect that people were doing so voluntarily. He added that this wasn't going to happen if he revealed his sources. He said he was going to protect their identity at any cost.

Schiff, from the bankrupt and job destroying state of California, said that he would have preferred if Manafort's testimony was made in an open session, and a closed session would only be arranged if necessary. He added that he didn't object to hearing from both Rogers and Comey later in a closed session. But he felt that they should do as much as possible in public.

Schiff said that anti-military Democrats were strongly opposed to Nunes' decision of cancelling a hearing from Tuesday which involved Sally Yates, the Attorney General, James Clapper, the NSA Director, and John Brennan, the ex-CIA Director. He urged them to reconsider since the witnesses have all confirmed their availability.

This just shows you the Democrats, the same party that met with the Russians before the election, have much to hide and are corrupt which we already knew was the case!

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