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Donald Trump Feels "somewhat vindicated" after He was Wiretapped
03/28/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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President Trump said that he felt kind of vindicated because of his claims of being wiretapped by former President Barack Obama once it emerged that his communications were being monitored and appeared in various intelligence reports.

We knew Obama was a job killer and tax raiser but we did not know he was a closer criminal.

The Claim

Trump and his transition team were the subjects of incidental surveillance during the time after he won the election, and their names were all over reports circulated throughout the intelligence community.

He said that he felt vindicated and appreciated that they had found what it is they did. It is not surprising, the Democrats are immoral, narcissistic, and conniving people.

This was just one of the latest developments in a saga which started back on the 4th of March 2017 when President Trump had accused Obama of wiretapping him during the transition period. This is not surprising since Obama was upset his legacy was a joke and was about to be shredded by Trump for the betterment of America and humanity (but not for America’s enemies!).

This week, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, said that there wasn't any evidence to back up the assertions of Donald Trump.

But Devin Nunes, the Congressman and Republican chairman of the intelligence committee investigating the allegations, said the communications of Trump and his team were being monitored after he won the election. He added that they were being investigated but were only part of incidental collections. He also added that this wasn't illegal.

It could be immoral though and when you add this to:


  • The Clinton Foundation corruption
  • Bill Clinton on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch
  • Fast and Furious
  • Barney Frank causing the real estate crisis
  • Benghazi
  • the IRS scandal led by Lois Lerner, and so on.


…..it fits a long patter of Democrat corruption and law breaking.

The Answer

Nunes added that the intercepted communications weren't in any way related to the ongoing FBI investigations into the suggestions of contact between Donald Trump's associates and the Russians. Regarding the Russians, the Democrats met with them as well more than once, fine dining with them and all.

The information had been brought to Nunes using the correct channels by the people who were a part of the intelligence community. Immediately after this, Nunes went to the White House in order to brief Trump.

He said he informed Trump that the information had been collected in the months of November, December, and January. This is the time when Trump had been speaking to various foreign leaders.

When asked whether he had believed the transition team of Trump was being spied upon, he said that it depended on what the definition of spying was.

The Method

He didn't say how the communication was being picked up, but the US intelligence agencies did routinely monitor communications with foreign officials. This surveillance at times included the names of various Americans who the foreigners might be speaking to or about.

Whenever something like this happens, analysts were obliged to mask or hide the names of the Americans. The names are only unmasked when it is important to help understand the foreign intelligence of the report.

Nunes said that the unmasking of officials' names here was inappropriate. He said that the President deserved to know that the reports existed. He added that it was something he felt should concern the President and his team since he believed it was inappropriate.

He agreed that it may be legal, but that doesn't make it right. He said that the President had a right to be concerned and he would want to see the reports.

However, he did confirm that there was no physical tapping of the phone lines at Trump Tower. He also refused to discuss what the communications in the reports were about or names of other people involved.

The sterling news is that America is in marvelous hands with Trump and Trump is working on lowering our taxes, fixing health care, and securing our border.

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