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A Look at America First Budget that was Recently Unveiled
03/20/2017 America First Budget Benjamin R
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Newly elected President Donald Trump has unveiled the first budget under his amazing and job creating administration which has been code named the America First budget. As promised, the budget is going to increase the defense funding and cut back on several other departments in order to compensate for the same.


The budget is also going to focus on other ambitious projects that Trump has promised to concentrate on like the Mexico wall, payments that will be made to the UN, and budget allocated to climate change initiatives. If it does not make sense, it will be cut! If it cannot be proven, it will be cut! No more wasted money on theory and feel good measures like global warming. The planet does what the planet does; there are warm and cold periods and this has very little to do with humankind.

What sounds good in the classroom rarely works in reality.

From a bird's eye view, the funding that Trump has suggested will fall around 0.3 percent for the year 2017 and 2018. Some of the largest cuts that the cabinet departments will see will eventually fall on the shoulders of the state, labor, and agriculture.

The Environment Protection Agency will see their funding cut by as much as 31.4 percent. All these funding cuts will be redirected to the defense department amounting to as much as 10 percent. This is also the largest expenditure the government is undertaking at the moment. The total amount of funding will see an increase of $54 billion and that money will not be wasted on propping up corrupt leaders like the mistake G.W. Bush made.

Military Budget

President Trump, while discussing the budget with the state governors, said that the increment in funding was "historic", that he will "rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America at a time we most need it".

Though many departments have seen an increase in their funding, the National Nuclear Security Administration is one department that has seen the largest increment. They are responsible for overseeing the military application of nuclear science.

It is to be noted here that while this increase in military funding does seem huge, it is still lower than what former President George W. Bush spent during his tenure. The government spending in the year 2007 was 20.2 percent while under Trump, even after considering the recent budget, it is only 16.2 percent of government spending.

As far as NATO members are concerned, the military spending of the US is already the highest standing at 3.6 percent of GDP. Russia is still spending more on its military than the US is per capital, but not in aggregate. European countries need to spend more of their money on their military and stop depending so much on America. Trump has said this. It is just plain common sense.

Environmental Spending

Donald Trump is very sceptic and believes that the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese government so that the US manufacturing will become non-competitive over a period of time. He has also shared this view point on Twitter. The spending on environmental protection is going to be reduced by 31 percent which will affect 3,000 jobs and 50 programs in different departments. Good riddance!

The Wall of Mexico

Trump has promised that the wall he proposed along the US-Mexico border will be built, and that it is going to cost in tens of billions of dollars but it should save just as much or certainly more. As far as the budget is concerned, Trump has set aside about $3 billion for the wall and implementation orders. The anchor baby rule needs to be changed; that is the 14th amendment!

America needs to protect itself. It does not need any more unskilled, non-English speaking people in its ranks!

Overall, the budget is reflecting everything that Trump promised during his campaign which only shows that he is a man of his word.

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