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Some Rare Positive Intentions Pertaining to the Obama Administration Unearthed
03/18/2017 Obama Administration Benjamin R
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The Civil Rights Groups have long been claiming that the Obama Administration has been snooping on Muslim communities, neighborhoods, and countries in the name of Countering Violent Extremism program which was dubbed as intelligence gathering.

So you mean the Obama Administration actually was doing something that made sense and was not politically correct? Well, even a broken watch is right twice a day.

The Sound Idea

The Obama Administration has been denying these allegations for years now, and maintained that their objective was to collect intelligence to identify potential terrorists before they could "radicalize".

The American Muslim Civil Rights Groups have, on the other hand, maintained that Barack Obama, under the CVE initiative, was keeping surveillance on Muslims. They believe that they were being targeted.

The FBI, on the other hand, is maintaining that the CVE program was developed to “strengthen our investigative, intelligence gathering, and collaborative abilities to be proactive in countering violent extremism”.

Freedom of Information

A freedom of information request allowed making public details of a CVE training conference in August of 2016. Under the Presidency of Trump, the Homeland Security is now mulling the idea of renaming the initiative to Countering Radical Islam or Countering Violent Jihad.

Irrespective of the name given to the initiative, the program was designed to and has focused on Muslim communities only for the most part – claims a new study published by Brennan Center for Justice. The internal documents were acquired by them under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Obama Administration on the other hand maintained that this is a community driven approach that is aimed at fighting terrorism, and that it was not a surveillance program.

The report published by the Brennan Center for Justice found out that the various law enforcement agencies that are responsible for fighting terrorism and prosecuting those who are responsible, for example, local police, FBI, and US Attorneys are directly responsible and at the center of this program responsible for collecting data on Muslims who are not responsible or even suspected of committing any crime but this matters little since a radical Islamic person could strike at any time while having a clean record.

The Brennan Center for Justice perhaps does not care about American safety.

The Funding

The CVE had the support of grant money as well as governmental backup where local leaders were tasked with spotting warning signs and finding youths who were at a risk of joining violent and extremist groups. Some of the potential warnings that CVE looks out for are feeling of alienation, injustice, and hopelessness, which Brennan Center notes, will not warrant any suspicion if found in people from other castes.

The American Muslims and Civil Liberations believe that the core and structural features of the CVE is a problem but these are the same groups that protect terrorists all day long and have done nothing to counter the destruction of the Islamic religion. Grant money is hard to account for as most of it is hidden from the public eye is another indication the Obama Administration was actually taking this serious to an extent. They still did not:

  • fight terrorism that well
  • allowed a plenitude of attacks to occur all over the country and did very little about it
  • allowed ISIS to rise unchecked and thought they were the JV team
  • allowed WMD to be used in Syria
  • and this list can go on for quite some time

The Brennan Center is of the opinion that a third of the total money received by the CVE as grants, the recipients are police agencies, and public service agencies as well as police institutions.

Any and all materials obtained by the CVE, whether from local or federal law enforcement will not be shared with police and the Department of Homeland Security for security purposes. American Muslims are feeling stigmatized and there is a general feeling of unrest but that matters very little since their fellow Muslims are the ones attacking freedom and democracy around the world and they do not seem to assimilate well into other cultures.

Let's hope Trump, and he already is, will even attack radical Islam in ways that the previous administration never did.

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