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11 Reasons Why Donald Trump will Make the Best President, Ever
03/18/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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Unlike the popular theory where a lot of people (liberals, baby killers, socialists, nanny state advocates) wrongly believe that Donald Trump is not going to do well as the President, here are 11 reasons why he will prove to be the best President America has ever seen:

  1. Trump is a man of his word. He said he will build a wall to protect America against Mexico and he is already working on it. What's more? He is making them pay for it. Mexico has already started paying for it in terms of jobs and businesses that are going to remain in America and so on.
  2. You simply cannot buy Trump. He is confident, rich, and a powerful personality. Unlike other politicians who easily forget their way around by getting influenced by lobbyists and other interests, Trump has his priorities straight. He believes in free enterprise and strong military presence.
  3. Trump is a known serial entrepreneur and businessman and knows how to build an empire. This experience and knowledge will help him Make America Great Again. He is loyal towards America first and not any political party.
  4. He is good at making deals which is why he is going to be so good at making contracts and deals with investors and other third parties from foreign countries.
  5. He is not a racist and believes in equality. He has great respect for all the races. He will unite people of all races like no other President before him.
  6. Trump is not known to be a politically correct man, but he is known to be an honest man who speaks his mind and tells the truth. He believes in transparency and talks to the public via social media all the time. He bypasses the corrupt and anti-American mainstream media via Twitter. Hilarious!
  7. Trump has said before that he is going to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, and he is going to do it single handedly. It is to be noted that Trump has the support of the military.
  8. Trump has promised that he will bring back jobs from different countries like China, Mexico, Japan, and many other countries. He still believes in the American Dream.
  9. Trump, before he won the elections, promised in a debate that he will investigate Hillary Clinton and the FBI investigation that concluded that they do not want to press charges against her. This only shows that Trump believes in upholding the law and believes that no one is above it. He is going to fight against government corruption. But Hillary Clinton is rumored to have brokered a deal with Trump which basically says this: I will not affect your presidency if you do not pursue charges against me. It seems to be working well for both of them.
  10. Billions of dollars are being spent on the UN climate programs at the moment, and Trump is going to change all that. The fact that US owes around 20 trillion dollars, 10 of which was made during the Obama administration, makes this an easy decision.
  11. While the Democrats are saying that Russia played a role in the elections, Trump is the only person who believes that foreign lobbyists should not play a role in the elections. Trump has a new policy that will ban foreign lobbyists from fundraising elections in the US. On top of this, recent pictures have surfaced that shows high ranking Democrats eating scrumptious meals with Russian government officials so the Democrats, again, have egg on their faces!

As you can see, Trump is going to Make America Great Again and he has already started working towards that goal.

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