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US F-22s will Fly in-out of Australia as South China Sea Tension Builds Up
03/10/2017 South China Sea Tension Benjamin R
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The United States is going to start flying its best fighter plane, the F-22 raptor, from north Australia by the year 2018, according to the most senior commander of the Pacific. This strength is just what is required to deter the aggression in that region, hopefully.

Endurance Test

On a visit to Sydney recently Admiral Harry Harris said the US was going to remain a huge player here and will endure all interests.

Admiral Harris said he signed an agreement in 2017 with Australia that they would host military assets from the US including their Raptors which are revered and feared as the best fighter jets on earth. This is supposed to send one really strong signal regarding the presence of the United States in that region.

Admiral Harris said that this event was very positive. He added that America’s air power in Australia will also bolster the presence of US marines who are there too in the land down under. This is about as impressive as the fire power of an aircraft carrier.


Strategic analysts said that northern Australia was a critical territory since it's mostly outside the range of ballistic missiles based in China while still being at the fulcrum of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Evan Graham, the international security director at Lowy Institute, said that this presence of the Raptors was very high-end coercive signaling for China.

Even though the rotation of the marines in Darwin got a lot of attention, the stationing of these planes was far more significant strategically.

Admiral Harris added that there was absolutely no space for subtlety when it came to convincing any potential aggressors that they were going to deter their actions and do their best to do so. On top of this, maintaining credible combat power was crucial along with having the resolve for using it and signaling this resolve.

Freedom of Navigation

He also said that he would want for countries like Australia to carry out operations regarding freedom-of-navigation which would help in challenging the island-building by China in the South China Sea. He did add though that it was completely their decision.

He even played down the controversy involving President Trump recently where the US expected the sovereignty of China over Taiwan saying it was a policy and the law. But many Americans believe America should defend Taiwan and protect their freedom from being corrupted by China. Taiwan does not want to be a part of a communist country.

In remarks which pushed all speculation back as far as Russia and President Trump are concerned, he said that improving relations with Russia was a good thing as long as the US wasn't going to back down on any of its core interests.

He said that the relationship they shared with Russia is because of their actions and their activities. If there was something which could be done to help improve everything, it would be positive as long as they are able to maintain the steadfastness of their resolve when it comes to Russia and its power hungry President Vladimir Putin who does not care one bit about his own people.

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