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Trump Claims His Phones Were Tapped on Obama's Orders
03/10/2017 President Trump Benjamin R
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President Trump recently accused the previous job killing and Iran loving President, Barack Hussein Obama, of tapping the telephones in Trump Tower while Trump was preparing to become president after defeating the corrupt Hillary Clinton and also before Trump knocked down the immoral Clinton machine. This is a startling claim which has been reported as being false by Obama's spokesman.

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Trump has not revealed any details related to this claim or the reason why he chose to make it. Does he need to? Obama has been scandalous for years. See Lois Lerner and Benghazi!

Trump’s administration has been thriving despite the left protesting every other day because so many of them really do not work anyhow. He revealed through a number of tweets that he recently found out how Obama had tapped his phones before his victory.

Kevin Lewis, the spokesman for Obama, said that it was a cardinal rule of the administration of Obama that no official from the White House would ever interfere with the investigations of the Justice Department which are supposed to be free from any political influence.

But Kevin Lewis lives in Harry Potter land and only says what his bosses want him to say. He is a windup doll like Susan Rice was.

Obama's Stand

He said that it was a part of their practice that neither Obama nor any other official of the White House ordered surveillance on a US citizen. He also said that suggesting anything contrary to this is nothing but untruthful statements. But this is the same person who said we could keep our doctor right?

The White House hasn't replied to any inquiries about why the President did send out this tweet. Trump, who always spoke about his warm relationship with the former president, now compared this activity of his predecessor to what happened with President Richard Nixon and his political opponents. But Nixon never got anyone killed. Obama allowed WMD to be used in Syria, people died in Benghazi as depicted in the fantastic movie 13 Hours, and Obama had the IRS intimidate Christians and military veterans before the 2012 Presidential elections.

He said that Obama tapped his phones during the sacred election process which was similar to the Nixon/Watergate scandal.

Trump said that the tapping occurred in October 2016. He ran most of the presidential transition from Trump Tower before he officially became president.

The Truth

His tweets came just a few days after Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, didn't disclose contacts with the Russian ambassador during his campaign-season contacts. Sessions was one of the earliest supporters of Trump and is going to help make America great again!

The opening tweet from the president spoke about Sessions and said that the first meeting he had with the ambassador was set up by Obama's administration.

Intelligence agencies in the US have determined that Russia had a role to play in Trump's election campaign to help elect him over the unethical Hillary Clinton who did not take the time to protect her communications and even used her position as Secretary of State to fatter her own bank account.

These findings have been dismissed immediately by Trump. The FBI had investigated Trump's ties with Russia as did Congress. But they didn't find anything at all because there is nothing to find. Trump blamed Democrats for all the leaks and the latest leak has just blown up the CIA and cost America millions of dollars but this is another topic.

It was quite unclear what this new charge from Trump was prompted by but it is not that far off if you know Obama’s petty character. The president sometimes tweets regarding reports he finds online since the New York Times is a traitorous organization and so is the mainstream media. The allegations might just be related to reports sourced anonymously. The reports claimed US officials obtained warrants to look at contacts between Trump's headquarters and a bank in Russia.

Trump had also tweeted recently about the decision by Arnold Schwarzenegger to quit the New Celebrity Apprentice. Doesn’t he have movies to make?

He had replaced Trump on this show even though the President was still the executive producer. The President is supposed to be back in White House from Mar-a-Lago at the end of this week, and we'll just have to wait and see what outstanding things Trump is going to continue doing for this country.

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