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Why is the White House at War with the Media?
03/03/2017 White House Benjamin R
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President Trump's war with the media has been an ongoing escapade which forced him to call them an enemy of America, and there were some media outlets which were blocked from attending the White House briefings too.

The mainstream media simply cannot be trusted. They are socialists, secular, politically correct, anti-American, non-Christian, do not care about the unborn, and weak on foreign policy.

Fake News

Trump had said that they were in the process of fighting against fake news which have no valid sources, and are enemy of the American people. He said that they were always making up stories when there were none.

With no differentiation clearly separating mainstream media from fake news, the President had no option but to lash out. He condemned their use of anonymous sources which were nothing more than fake accounts created by an industry that had an agenda of its own. He said that this was something Americans needed to fight against. He also added that he was going to do something about it too.

The disdain for the fake press was also made very clear recently when Sean Spicer, the press secretary, barred a few outlets from attending an event at the White House.

On top of this, Facebook puts out lies as well. Facebook sides with the Democrats since it is unethical and has no idea what made America great.

The War

This episode is just one of the latest chapters when it comes to the war between the White House and the media. This has been a talking point for conservatives since it was taken to new levels. Steve Bannon, the chief strategist for Donald Trump, regularly calls the press "the opposition" and even told everyone at CPAC that the globalist, corporatist media opposed the agenda of Trump because of their self-interests and immoral beliefs.

Trump has spoken about leaders in Venezuela, Egypt, Turkey, and Russia who accumulate new powers frequently by marginalizing independent media. He said that the aim of this denigration was to inoculate the administration from legitimate criticism by delegitimizing the media.

Trump has cited polls on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC over the last few years which have signaled he would not prevail in the presidential election as the main evidence of the media trying to create an entirely false paradigm to try and suppress voter turnout for the GOP.

How hilarious was this when Trump prevailed?


He said that reporters were very cunning and smart. They keep crying about the "First Amendment" whenever their stories get exposed or criticized. He added that he loves the first amendment just as much as anyone and it is what gives him the right to criticize fake news strongly.

Trump also spoke of an article in the Washington Post where nine former and current officials had apparently said that the national security adviser at the time Michael Flynn spoke about lifting sanctions on Russia while meeting with the Russian ambassador to the United States in the presidential transition, a revelation which unfortunately caused his resignation. Trump said that there were no nine people who spoke about this and that they have no reputable sources.


Fake news is a problem and has been cited in the past too for causing trouble during the presidential election, and almost preventing Donald Trump from winning against Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, that didn't happen, and the world (not Iran, North Korea, Cuba, or other enemies of America) is already much better off because of this. In fact, Trump winning may have saved humanity.

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