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Lt. General HR McMaster to Fill National Security Adviser Vacancy
03/03/2017 National Security Benjamin R
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President Trump announced recently that Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster is going to be serving as the new national security adviser which is going to fill the void which has been left when the noble and American patriot Michael Flynn was suddenly dismissed.

It is a shame Eric Holder was never dismissed for selling guns to Mexican mafia and gangsters causing 200 Mexicans their lives. It was called Fast and Furious. It should be called “Holder’s Bloodbath”.

New Blood

McMaster, who was the head for the Army Capabilities Integration Center, is going to be one of the top advisers on foreign policy and national security at the top of the NSC for the White House which was rudderless when Flynn resigned after just being on the job for 24 days.

Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who was serving as the national security adviser after Flynn left is going to return to his chief of staff role on the National Security Council.

The Negotiator in Chief Donald Trump announced this decision of his on Monday when he was seated alongside McMaster as well as Kellogg at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Just one day earlier, he had interviewed a number of candidates including McMaster for this post.

Experience Matters

Trump said that McMaster was a man of numerous talents and experience. He said he watched and read quite a bit over the last few days. McMaster is respected by everyone in the military, and it is an honor to have him. McMaster said that this appointment was a privilege and that he was going to do everything he could in order to advance as well as conserve the interests of the people of America.

McMaster wasn't the first choice of Donald Trump for this role. He had initially offered this position to Vice Adm. Robert Harward who declined the role since he had concerns on how the White House was currently being run or he was not up to the challenge and could not keep up with the private sector Trump.

There are several people who can do the job and Trump does not pick politically correct anti American people like Obama did.

Finer Points

This search to appoint a new adviser started when Flynn discussed sanctions with the ambassador of Russia to the United States, Sergei Kislyak before Trump took power and didn't disclose any of the details from that conversation to Mike Pence, the Vice President who turned around Indiana turning that state into a winner after it was devastated by Democratic management. Trump said he had no choice but to fire Flynn because of this failure in disclosing details to Pence and it wasn't so much about him speaking with the ambassador of Russia.

McMaster is going to handle the role after having previously served a number of tours of duty in Southwest Asia, Germany, and even Iraq. He has a military history PhD from the University of North Carolina. He had been tapped for this role over a number of other qualified people for the position including the hawkish John Bolton who was also in a senior position under both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Trump had signaled earlier that Bolton was soon going to get a role in the administration in a different capacity even though he was passed for the job of national security adviser. He said that Bolton had multiple ideas he agreed with, and that was terrific.

Trump's pick has earned a lot of praise from a number of leaders of the Republican foreign policy committee in the Congress. Surely he will serve the country well. Trump’s team is magnificent!

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