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US has a Lot of Spotty, Decaying Dams which will be Tackled by Trump
02/24/2017 Decaying Dams Benjamin R
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In Dec. of 1964, just three years after the construction of the Oroville Dam, a huge flood hit the northwest and killed dozens of people. The dam was almost drowned with water which may have caused it to fail even before it was built. Instead, the dam even in its partially completed state helped prevent a bigger disaster by decreasing the flow from the river.

Less than 1 year later, a couple of trains on site collided head-on inside a tunnel in the dam in a fiery crash that left 4 people dead, and damaged the tunnel which slowed down the work on the tunnel further.

Crumbling infrastructure

The crisis at this dam is just one of the signs of how the infrastructure in America needs some work and the only thing that happened when Obama was president was America ruined its health care system. Despite billions being earmarked for rebuilding bridges, dams, and roads all over the country, little has been actually accomplished but at least Obama improved his golf game!

And unlike Trump, Obama accomplished very little on the golf course. Trump is conducting business all the time!

Our nation reportedly has a D+ rating on their report card when it comes to infrastructure. This means it is below average of what is supposed to be found in industrialized, Western countries. The level of decay is totally unacceptable.

America’s debt is totally unacceptable as well!

What is the problem?

America’s infrastructure is not that impressive, and now there's a huge backlog of modernization and maintenance. Infrastructure is very expensive and usually controversial. It's difficult to close lanes on highways or roads in order to repave them. Just imagine closing an overpass or a bridge for a long period. Whenever this happens, it's fraught with all sorts of political liability.

To fix the current infrastructure, an investment of $3.6 trillion is required. This kind of money just isn't available (again, it was wasted on Obamacare). California is wasting money on protecting illegal criminals and not their own dams. How silly is that?!

US businesses are currently holding around 4-5 trillion dollars in tax havens offshore. They would bring this money home, but with the current corporate tax rate at 35%, it still makes sense to keep the money overseas. Obama never lowered this tax rate, he did not want America to prosper. Trump is seeing an opportunity here!

If there was a tax amnesty declared, corporations would be able to bring all of their money home and it would make sense to do so. There would just be a simple stipulation regarding them using 20 percent of the money to buy bonds in order to finance infrastructure projects. Those bonds could also be repaid at later dates. In the meantime, this cash could be used for major public works projects which would also employ tens of thousands of citizens across the country.

Creating jobs

Many Americans could find a job through this giant program, even the ones dependent on welfare. Data entry, painting, cleaning, and this list goes on and on. Skilled or unskilled, there will soon be a lot of work for people to do.

This plan is just an idea right now. Infrastructure improvements only occur when bridges are on the verge of failing. That is America for you! America can waste trillions on health care and spend too much time in Iraq though, America is real good at those things! At least from 2003 to 2008 America’s economy was decent though until Barney Frank and Alan Greenspan went to work but that is another story!

Dams are only fixed when they're about to burst. Roads are repaved only when potholes cause accidents. This is how it is America, always playing catch up while society pays people not to work!

It is time for America to become great again, but this is not going to happen if the infrastructure continues crumbling. Trump is looking to change all this and more.

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