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Travel Ban from 7 Muslim Countries to be Replaced - Trump
02/24/2017 Travel Ban Benjamin R
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President Trump is going to be issuing a fresh executive order over his earlier action which barred entry to the US for citizens from 7 countries that were predominantly Muslim and have no central government and have no idea who is who in their country, as per court documents recently filed by the Department of Justice and the comments of the President during a press briefing.

Old order

His previous order had been halted by an activist judge who does not care about the safety of Americans who resides in a federal court in Washington. This radical judge issued a temporary restraining order throughout the nation on the 3rd of February. The Presidents administration appealed the case quickly in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in SFO, but the 3-judge panel voted to keep the restraining order active despite terrorists blowing up and shooting Americans and Europeans all over the place for the last several years.

Trump tweeted a fiery response to this ruling and promised to pursue this matter, but in another filing, the Justice Department said they weren't seeking any reconsiderations in this matter.

The current filing with the Justice Department says that instead of continuing litigation, President Trump is going to rescind the Order and then replace it using a new, revised Executive Order which will help eliminate whatever the panel thought were concerns to the Constitution erroneously.

Trump will get his way!

Court filing

Shortly before the new filing in court, Trump defended the legality of his new order at a news conference in the White House saying his administration was appealing the first result while also confirming he would be moving forward with a new action which is tailored to the earlier decision of the court and will be issued soon.

He said that they were going further and issuing another executive action which will protect the country comprehensively. He hopes that everyone will be on track with that order and that it will hopefully win the day.

The Justice Department continues to say the court's ruling was wrong, but also says that there were unusual circumstances because of the expedited proceedings, and the complexity and the constitutional magnitude of the issue.

The government has respectfully submitted that the best course would be for the court to wait until the new Order is issued by the President, and then vacate their preliminary decision.

Nations in the list

Originally, the executive order is supposed to have put a ninety day stop on any nationals from Iran (who became rich under Obama and who are helping North Korea build a nuclear weapon and are pursuing nuclear weapons themselves), Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria from entering the United States. The confusion here ensued after the legal permanent residents in the US as well as a few visa holders from these countries weren't being allowed admission at US airports.

The filing of the administration on Thursday only reiterates the stance of the government, the executive order wasn't supposed to hamper legal permanent residents, but was only focused on aliens seeking entry for the first time who don't have any constitutional rights as far as their applications are concerned. If you are not an American, you do not have any constitutional rights nor do you deserve any.

Additional clarifications also explain that it was only meant for aliens trying to enter the country, not those who are already in America.

President Trump had earlier said that he was very disappointed with the decision of the court who decided to make law themselves. No worries, Trump will get this done and circumvent this court and/or write a law that satisfies their comments on the previous decree.

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