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Inherited or Not, the Economy is Looking Strong
02/20/2017 Economy Raymond Z
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We read a lot in the media about chaos in the White House, Russian influence, fake news, and off the rails press conferences. One thing we rarely hear about, however, is the strength of the American economy. Why is this critical part of governing being mostly ignored? Is it because it is a positive and the media seems to shy away from these positives aspects in reporting? Is it because there are those who believe the strength of the economy was inherited by the new administration and no credit should be given or taken? Amid the turmoil of transition, one fact remains. The American economy is strong and there are hopeful signs for the future.

This is where the rubber meets the road. If people had doubts about their economic future and that of this country, they wouldn't be buying cars, homes, and using their credit cards. Manufacturing wouldn't be rebounding in this country. The Small Business Optimism Index from the NFIB wouldn't be at its highest since 2004.  A recent article by CNN cited all of these economic improvement factors. The article mentions these and other strong signs like the fact that the stock market has recently set record highs and is on a winning streak that has been its best in 25 years. If there was so much angst, why are the markets and economic indicators so generally favorable? 

Yes, while it's true the Trump administration inherited the most vibrant economy since Bush took office from Clinton, there is much optimism about the economy. Even one of the President's harshest critics, billionaire and reality TV star Mark Cuban recently Tweeted "Trump is trying to do some things right. Taxes, lobbyists, bureaucracy, FCC, SEC. If he can get the changes passed, they are positives."

So why is the president so focused on ratings, crowd sizes, the dishonest media, leaks and staging campaign-style rallies when he has this economic data and a bull market to ride? Isn't the economy his strength and a main reason people elected a "businessman" as president? In his recent press conference he seemingly inadvertently called himself a politician saying "I guess I am a politician now".  Let's hope not. Let's hope he focuses on what most Americans want him to focus on; jobs and the economy. Even some of his staunchest supporters are tiring of the infighting and constant bickering with the media. Inherited or not, he should be playing his hot hand, and that is economic optimism and the overall robust economy.

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