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Why Betsy DeVos is the Right Choice for Education Minister
02/17/2017 Betsy DeV Benjamin R
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Donald Trump appointed Betsy DeVos, the conservative reformer as his new education secretary. Finding a better choice isn't even possible.

DeVos is just what the immoral and scandalous public school system needs.

Role of Federal Government

The role of the federal government when it comes to education changed quite a bit under George W. Bush and Barack Obama's presidency. It is now more aggressive as compared to before. They had even bribed states with funds so that they adopted its standards, kept competent teachers away from the classroom, and inserted itself into on-campus sex crime prosecution.

There's been nothing to show for all of this. There has been no progress for the first time ever in the last twenty years when it comes to mathematics, and even reading scores have fallen for the first time in ten years.

Another indication Obama’s educational plan was devoid of reason and some say it was even racist. The kids who were mainly hurt were minorities in inner cities! Not good Obama!

Role of DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the desperate shock this inept system needs right now as just mentioned. She has been an education reformer for decades and has worked behind the scenes quietly to create opportunities for students to flourish irrespective of their zip code. These efforts all began in Michigan, her home state, back in 1993 when she helped enact the charter-school law in the state.

That became a springboard for a strategy throughout the country which backs candidates, legislators, and initiatives which try to increase school choice through the American Federation for Children (AFC), a DeVos' foundation. Some of the candidates she has backed in the past include Bobby Jindal and Mith Daniels.

This year AFC, along with their state-affiliated PAC's, was responsible for 121 local and state-level race wins. They also managed to win 89 percent of the time from Nevada to Georgia. In Florida, the teachers union spent $2.7 million on the legislative race which is around twice what opponents spent and they still lost! Candidates that are pro-school-choice managed to win 20 of the state level races out of 21.

DeVos has been bullish on the prospects of school choice for a very long time, observing the ineffectiveness of the monopoly of public-schools, ruled by thuggish teachers' unions is very obvious. This partly is the reason why Congress passed, and Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act in December 2016.

This is the first bill out after the No Child Left Behind bill and is also the most significant deregulation of the education system in America in recent times. She is the perfect secretary for enforcing the terms of this new bill.

Glad Obama signed it! Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

The Roll Back

Meanwhile, choosing schools, something which needs to encompass all from tax credits and vouchers, magnet schools, charter schools, homeschooling, and so on is a much better and a more viable alternative.

As the Secretary of Education, DeVos is going to be in the best position for rolling back the mess involving federal regulations which have hamstrung teachers and kept the students in schools that are failing, to give states some power when it comes to their education systems, and to help the government become a resource instead of being an impediment when it comes to success.

This is a welcome move in the eyes of people who are opposed to another 4 years of America over spending on education and getting very little in return.

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