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Top Tech Companies and Executives Ask to Remove Ban
02/10/2017 Remove Ban Benjamin R
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The order of banning citizens from 7 major Muslim countries around the world from stepping foot inside the US has awakened a lot of opposition in the country but also lots of support since real Americans know the threat is real. Some vocal critiques came from out of touch Silicon Valley which was quite acquiescent to the election of Donald Trump when he became president.

But they should have known this was coming. Even the Obama administration had these countries on their hot list.

No matter how late, the tech sector has now found its liberal and anti-American voice and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, the person who has no problem with political correctness destroying our schools, was the first person to speak out on this executive order in a statement that was worded political correctness which is the same force that helped cause 9-11, the Boston Bombing, and so many other attacks on Americans. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google then followed with an anti-American statement, and by Saturday, a number of tech leaders who do not care about keeping Americans safe had voiced their concerns as well.

Here is what some of them had to say:


The liberal and anti-American Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said that they were going to do everything possible to support their employees who have been affected by this. He said that Apple believes in immigration for its company and the country. He said they wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for immigration which is ridiculous since how many tech pros from Afghanistan do they employ?

So Tim’s attitude is ridiculous and borderline hysterical.


Zuckerberg was the first person from the sector to speak out against this order since he is proven socialist whose Facebook company spits out fake news and irrational propaganda all day long.

He posted a short essay defending refugees and immigrants but he failed to mention that Obama is the one who caused this refugee situation by pulling troops out of Iraq and by now building safe zones in Syria and by allowing Syria to use WMD (sarin gas) on their own people. Why did you not mention that Zuckerberg?! Don’t want to talk about the truth?

He said that the US was a country of immigrants and needed to be proud of that heritage but this is a misnomer since America became the greatest country on earth because of Christians and Christian immigrants. He said that his ancestors were from Poland, Austria, and Germany (so what? These are Christian countries mainly, not Islamic!) and his wife's were from Vietnam and China but again so what, these are not Islamic countries and does his wife speak English? Is she educated?

He added that he was concerned about how this order was going to impact the sector and the country which is ridiculous since the sector does not depend on Somalian tech pros since there are not any.


Almost 200 employees in the company were affected by this ban. So what? Millions of Americans lives are on the line. Google should Google 9-11, the Boston Bombing, and San Bernardino!

Sundar Pichai criticized the order publicly which means nothing since his rational was based on foolishness and illogical beliefs.


The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk criticized Donald Trump even when he was campaigning since Musk has no idea how jobs are created and is coming from a biased standpoint since he despises fossil fuels which employs millions of Americans via the energy sector.

Though he had appeared to start warming up to the President recently. He even joined his business advisory team. But he later said that the immigration ban wasn't the best way of addressing the challenges of the country which is a goofy idea since Trump has many other plans which some are being implemented as well. These 7 countries do not have a central government and in fact, many Americans are worried about any Muslims coming to America period! Islamic beliefs do not coincide with American beliefs on freedom of people, the media, religion, speech, and so on.


Just like Musk, the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick agreed to be a part of Trump's advisory panel which incited a lot of conflict within his company. Uber has a dozen employees and 1,000's of drivers who have been affected by this ban but that does this mean? Affected? Millions of Americans have been affected by terrorism.

Does Silicone Valley pay attention to what is happening in Europe? Perhaps these tech leaders need to learn how to use Google!

The CEO said that Uber was now working on a process to first identify and then compensate drivers who are barred re-entry into the country. Good for them! So what? Later on in the day, the company got accused of profiting off a strike led by the taxi drivers at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York which sparked a whole #DeleteUber campaign among many customers. But that is goofy too! What is wrong with making a profit? Nothing!

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