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Communist Party Says: US-China War could be a Disaster
02/10/2017 US China War Benjamin R
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A conflict between China and the United States will spell disaster for the entire world (certainly China!), warned the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party as part of its first pronouncement on the ties between the two biggest economies in the world since Donald Trump took over the White House.

Donald Trump

The fear of this calamitous trade war or even of a military clash between both these nuclear powers has been building since the shock electoral win of Donald Trump last November against Hillary Clinton who had no economic plan and who was responsible for Benghazi and her foundation ripping off the people of Haiti.

Trump had criticized China repeatedly during his campaign trail and continued ruffling their feathers since he won during TV interviews and even on Twitter by challenging Beijing on issues like Taiwan, the South China Sea, and trade.

Steve Bannon, the chief strategist for Trump, also warned recently that the war between China and the United States in the South China Sea was inevitable.

Meanwhile, one of the most likely indications of friction between the two is that Trump hasn't yet spoken with Xi Jinping, his counterpart in China, even though he has spoken to at least eighteen world leaders since the inauguration.

Xi Jinping

The public reaction in Beijing to the rise of Trump has been a cautious one even though all of the English newspapers in the state accused him of messing with fire when he questioned longstanding policy regarding Taiwan and one tabloid even warned of a large scale war. It would not be that large scale. China is strong but America’s might is still far grader even after Obama neglected the military for many years. It would be a South China Sea fight.

Just last month, the foreign ministry of China urged the US President to be careful after Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, said that the US would foil any Chinese efforts of taking over the South China Sea.

In an editorial which was worded quite diplomatically, the Communist Party's voice said that both of the countries need to strive to avoid conflict, misunderstandings, miscalculations, and confrontation. Then China needs to stop upsetting people all over east Asia!

A difference of opinion was inevitable because of the cultural, historical, social, and economic differences between both the countries. China has been taking advantage of America, those days are over with!

The article also said that both of the leaders were waging some high-profile campaigns in order to try and improve their citizen's lives.

The future

The ex-Asia chief advisor of Barack Obama, Evan Medeiros, said that the initial response to the intervention of Trump on China policy has been calibrated carefully. He said that the Chinese didn't let themselves be bated. They know that they are now dealing with a new leader who operates differently. They wanted to manage it very carefully so that things don't escalate unnecessarily.

Medeiros said that the leaders in China had earlier considered the victory of Trump to be a boon since the property tycoon wouldn't interfere with them in regard to human rights. That is incorrect! Obama allowed WMD to be used in Syria while he played golf. Trump will not allow such things.

But this attitude has moved from nervousness regarding his salient and cogent tweeting to believing that both countries were now getting into a difficult period.

It is a fascinating as far as the foreign and domestic policy of America is right now. But as far as domestic policy is concerned at least, there are a lot more checks and balances in place. As far as foreign policy is concerned, Trump has more free will. The days of America getting pushed around, which is what has been happening under Obama, are over with.

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