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Here's Why the Women's March wasn't as Awesome as You may have Thought
02/05/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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Demonstrations serve a very important function in democracies but only if they have a purpose. That wasn't the case when it comes to the recent Women's March in Washington which was held after the swearing in of Donald Trump. We now know why Ashley Judd’s movie career is toast!

Judd can certainly deliver some salient lines though even if they are misguided, immoral, and pitiful. Very creative though!

The exercise was nothing more than a feel-good exercise which had little if no cause at all. It sizzled and failed which makes it very difficult to justify why it occurred in the first place. Psychotic talk like this only pushes normal people away. Madonna is as out of touch as Obama and Nancy Pelosi are!

The plan

Plans to bring women together from all walks of life surfaced on social media right after the election results were announced. But these baby killing woman who do not believe in Jesus Christ have no substance and are morally wrong. On top of this, they have no idea how jobs are created.

Furthermore, this was partly because of the disappointment some unethical and food stamp women felt in general when the Hillary Clinton campaign fell short and she wasn't getting elected as the first female president (though some could say Carter and Obama were stellar female presidents). More than 100,000 people, mainly unemployed and woman envious of others who chose not to work hard in life but to live off the sweat of others, signed up in anticipation of the inauguration of Hillary Clinton who ran with any economic plan whatsoever. But the march fizzled and fell mainly on deaf ears.  

Even if some improperly raised females heard these feministic rants, the fact that they weren't serious about the purpose is why it wasn't effective at all. In short, it was an epic failure and the reputation of Trump wasn't affected at all.

In fact, in the light of recent steps that he has taken for his Make America Great Again campaign, and the deals that he has coined into his rhetoric with some of the largest manufacturers and companies in the US and even abroad, his reputation as a doer instead of just a talker has only solidified. He is hell bent on creating new jobs, and it is about time that the opposition and doubters take note of it.

Shaky start

After getting off to nothing more than a shaky start, professionals then began coordinating what were the disparate and spontaneous grassroots efforts in the country. The logistics of promoting this event, coordinating with authorities, making arrangements on the ground, and so forth was half-heartedly managed.

Everything about the march was bordering on the absurd. The event was billed as the voice of the women when the fact of the matter is that 42 percent of women voted for Donald Trump. That is pretty impressive and even more would vote for Trump after the way the left has acted since Trump won. The left has acted in a petty and pathetic manner.

There is a sort of progressive hysteria over the name of the event too. It was first called "Million Women March." But they had to drop that quickly when the organizers were cited for cultural appropriation. This is because it was alleged that they were poaching the heritage of the Million Woman March from 1997 which was for black women. Hilarious!

Appropriation concerns also came up since the event encroached the legacy of the March on Washington from 1963 where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous speech. In response to all the objections, the organized released a statement saying that the march was a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Yeah right! MLK Jr. would not have voted for the charlatan which was Hillary Clinton!

MLK Jr. would not be OK with abortion either and Hillary was OK with abortion up to the day of delivery! Disgusting and borderline homicidal! 


This bickering when it came to semantics wasn't enough either, the event's Facebook page had a lot of arguments on whether the event which was organized mainly by white women could be intersectional or could deal with the issues that are faced by minority, poor women who are living at the intersection of race, gender, and class concerns throughout the country. These latter woman are poor because of politically correct schools propped up by Democrats and job killing policies by the Democrats as well.

There is always a little bit of conflict in any rally (organizers refrain from calling it a protest since they are adamant to say they aren't protesting Trump, just giving him notice) but this rally had no substance. But when events are grounded in genuine existential threats, it helps people overcome their agendas and interests, and find a vocabulary where such squabbles don't exist.

If this isn't happening here, it may just be because women aren't feeling the threat of Trump.

Trump all the way

The most important thing that women don't get though is that there is a huge difference between the character of Trump and the policy positions he has taken when it comes to women's issues. Some of the decisions and policies that he is gearing up for is very pro-women, and it will only strengthen their position in society.

Trump has always claimed to be pro-choice when it comes to abortion but he may not believe this anymore which is morally correct because abortion is evil. This is a problem that many women who believe in having reproductive rights are facing right now because they are misguided and not religious which puts them at a disadvantage when trying to understand complex issues. Trump has made multiple attempts at extending an olive branch to feminists. Perhaps feminists should just stop being feminists.

He has also embraced wage parity between genders, maternity leave (which really does not help woman in the work force but this is another topic), and even child tax deductions which is in defiance of the Republican Party which he represents too. You can go on debating the thoughts behind such ideas, but you can't deny that they will help some women. He has appointed three women to the cabinet already and has appointed a fourth as the UN envoy. All these policies and the efforts that he has taken are commendable.

The agenda

This is in very sharp contrast to his agenda and rhetoric of dealing with illegal immigrants, threatening Muslims, and so on. He has plans to deal with all these threats ranging from deportation to mass detention when it comes to undocumented immigrants. He has emphasized how crucial it is for greater law and order when it comes to inner cities. He has not given any indication of actually changing any of this yet, though.

Donald Trump is not a force to be messed with right now. Opposing him will mean focused vigilance and activism which is intelligent, targeted, calibrated appropriately, and nuanced. Prematurely elevating faux concerns of hyperactive feminists will only make it that much more difficult to launch any sort of serious resistance if the need ever does arise which it will not since when the economy hits 3% GDP growth (which it never did under the inept Obama) even more Americans will support Trump. And wait until it hits 4%!  

It will make his dissenters and critics appear as overwrought hysterics, and any concerns the targeted groups may have will just be dismissed as they are now by all real Americans.

Feminists are making this issue a confusing one by making everything about themselves. If they were actually looking at helping, they should have done something worthwhile by now instead of embarking on such a pointless and confused march that reaped no benefits.

Though Madonna could be construed as a criminal though. Does she not live in Europe? She should just remain there and take about 30 million liberals with her. Us conservatives have nowhere else to go, socialism and secularism (what Democrats believe in!) has already destroyed most countries in the world. See Greece, Germany, and Spain!

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