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How Donald Trump is Progressing since becoming President
02/03/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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After Donald Trump's historic victory, he bypassed the celebrations and got straight to work since there was lots of work that needed to be done after eight years of America being made a lame duck on this planet. Since Trump came into office, for all real Americans, it is like every day is Christmas.

Though many Americans are waiting for Trump to get rid of that horrendous anchor baby law – that cannot come soon enough! Here are some focal points that Trump is focusing on because they need to be.


Obama told an employee at Carrier last June during a town hall meeting that he couldn't do anything about jobs leaving the country. He was right about this because he is pathetic and inept. He had about as much creativity as a skunk in the forest. This is what happens when you put a community organizer in office!

He mocked Trump for saying that he would impose taxes on Carrier if they moved their jobs to Mexico. He said he was going to negotiate better deals and Obama said that he didn't really have an answer as to how. But, President Trump did have an answer. Trump wrote the book on negotiating!

Carrier has already reached a deal for keeping 1,000 jobs in the country in the state of Indiana to be more precise. Trump even motivated Ford to scrap plans for a plant worth $1.6 billion that was headed for Mexico, and they have now invested $700 million into an assembly plant in Michigan while creating seven-hundred new jobs. The CEO of Ford Mark Fields said that this was them showing a vote of confidence in Trump and his policies.

This was just the beginning! The Trump Train was just taking off.

After meeting Trump towards the end of last year, Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank, said he was going to invest $50 billion in the United States and also create 50,000 jobs with that investment. Trump has always said he will ask the people to buy and hire American. He's putting his money where his mouth is for sure.


When Trump won, the stock market rose to new heights, and consumer confidence increased quite a bit too. In December, confidence rose to its highest since Aug. of 2001 as per Bloomberg (The CEO of Bloomberg is not a Republican either!). Also, holiday spending was more than $1,000,000,000 dollars in 2016 which is 8 percent higher than 2015 numbers. Wow!

Just wait for 2017 to roll around! But do not forget Jesus Chris! There is a reason we celebrate that holiday.


Trump had promised that he was going to drain the swamp while on the campaign trail. He has already put a stop to a lot of government waste and corruption with his tweets. He had tweeted that the $4 billion price tag of Boeing for their new Air Force One planes was too much. He was right! Boeing saw that shot across their bow.

But, after Dennis Muilenburg, the CEO of this amazing company, met Trump, he said that Boeing was going to build the fleet for less. Republicans had also voted for eliminating one independent ethics body. But, once Trump fired some tweets off about this, the plan was scrapped by Republicans but that ethics body has been put on notice nonetheless.


Crime is terribly high in Chicago right now, and has been for years all the while President Obama played golf and ignored it, with the murder rate going up 58 percent in the last couple of years. This is the highest it has been since 1997. More people are murdered in Chicago when even compared to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and the number of homicides in the country were greater than NYC and LA combined for 2016. Chicago is a disgrace and the mayor is Obama’s buddy, Rahm Emanuel.

As everyone continued ignoring this problem, Trump addressed it on various occasions and had also suggested that Chicago requires assistance from the federal government since the problem wasn't being solved locally. He tweeted on this recently saying so too.

Rahm Emanuel is responsible for thousands of deaths.

PC Culture

Even Christmas felt much more special in 2016 because of Trump. He campaigned that everyone was going to say Merry Christmas once more. Sure enough, he spoke during his Thank You Tour from a podium which had a sign that had Merry Christmas written on it and was surrounded by trees. Trump's throwing political correctness straight into the garbage which is right where it belongs. Luckily, the country is now following his lead, well real Americans are.


Irrespective of what the left has to say, Trump continues to elevate women to high positions inside his administration just like he did in his own organization.

He is filling up the positions of power in the White House with women who were also pivotal to his campaign like Katrina Pierson, Hope Kicks, Omarosa Manigault, etc. Most notably, he asked KellyAnne Conway to lead his campaign, and she is now the first woman ever to have run a presidential campaign successfully. Now, she is going to be the counselor for the President in the White House.

Trump's also bringing back some morale to the country's military which has been long overdue. The soldiers went crazy cheering for him when he was at the Army-Navy game in Dec of 2016. Contrast this with the rows of emptiness at the farewell speech of the sad and destitute Obama to the military on the 4th of January. Obama betrayed the military and was responsible for the rise of ISIS as well.


Even though Obama's administration stabbed Israel in the back when it let anti-Israel resolutions against settlements pass, Trump criticized the UN and said that he was going to fight for Israel. Within just 24 hours of winning, he invited Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel to visit him in the United States as early as possible. Netanyahu said that Trump was a true friend to the people of Israel.

There were a lot of fake Americans (food stamp recipients, non-Christians, baby killers, job killers, lazy people) who came out on social media to criticize the election of Donald Trump. It was an outrage of negativity that was baffling for all real Americans, you know, people who actually work for a living. People were complaining since they realized their food stamps were about to be torn up and their baby killing ways were being threatened.  

Luckily, all the toxic people will soon be drained from the swamp, and the rest can go on with their lives (they are free to move out of this country!). This is how President Donald Trump is making America great again, and it has just been a couple of weeks of him as President. We can't wait to see what the rest of his candidacy has in store for this great country.

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