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The Electorate Voted for Change...and Trump is Delivering
01/31/2017 Donald Trump Raymond Z
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The Electorate Voted for Change...and Trump is Delivering: Part One

Probably not unexpectedly, President Trump has Washington and the nation abuzz. Critics are frustrated and have even taken to the streets. Supporters, for the most part are unwavering. The electorate after all, voted for change and Trump is delivering. In this two-part series, we will take what some may consider a controversial viewpoint. We'll look at what Trump suggested he would do on the campaign trail, and what he is doing so far in his young administration. Love him or hate him, Trump is delivering.

"Build the Wall and Deport Undocumented Immigrants"

One of the earliest, and most often repeated campaign promises, was to build a border wall along the border of Mexico and to deport illegal immigrants. The President didn't waste time in signing two executive orders that potentially will lead to the fulfillment of these promises. They  allow for the construction of his wall, while increasing the border patrol and immigration enforcement personnel. These particular orders even go a step further by eliminating federal grant funding for so-called sanctuary cities where the identities of illegals are kept from federal authorities. Just days after his inauguration, in a CNN article, the President was quoted as saying "Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders." He is delivering.

"Repeal Obamacare"

Trump has already signed an executive order indicating he will seek repeal of the Affordable Care Act and that immediately lessens the burden of the cost of the program on government agencies. While the President likely recognizes the value of some sort of national healthcare, especially for those with pre-existing conditions and children living at home, he is making good on his promise to dismantle Obamacare and replace it with something less burdensome.  

"Less Government and Fewer Regulations"

For the most part, Americans want less government. Once again, the new president is delivering with an executive order that mandates for every new regulation a federal agency enacts, it must eliminate two existing ones. It is part of an ambitious goal to reduce federal regulations by some 75%. Again, Trump has gone above and beyond by also freezing government hiring, with the exception of the military. Granted, federal hiring freezes are not new, especially in the early days of a presidency, but it is consistent with his goals of stopping the growth and initiating steps to reduce government.

"Take the Shackles off American Businesses"

Without hesitation, Trump ordered the U.S. withdrawal from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, which many saw as a bad partnership for America. He has made it clear to both Canadian and Mexican authorities that he intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. He has held productive meetings with some of this country's wealthiest and most powerful business leaders and signed orders to make sure small businesses benefit from minimized government regulations. He has promised to be "one of the greatest job creators ever" and once again, he is taking steps to deliver.

Next, in part two of this two part series, making good on his promise to "drain the swamp" and what, after all, do these "protesters" want?

The Electorate Voted for Change...and Trump is Delivering: Part Two

Previously, we listed four major campaign promises from Donald Trump, and how the president is delivering on those promises. Here, we take a look at another one of his campaign promises. 

"Drain the Swamp"

Trumps affinity for colorful catch phrases once again caught on with supporters with his promises to "drain the swamp" in Washington of career politicians who operate for their own benefit. While not using that exact phrase, he pointedly spoke of that promise during his inauguration speech. Why then, were some so upset that his cabinet choices would not be filled with political insiders? Instead, he sought fresh ideas and perspectives from people outside the "industry". People chose to have their government run more like a business, and the president responded by seeking counsel of business and industries smartest and wealthiest people. Do they lack a certain political insight and polish? Perhaps. But then political polish is what the American public was getting sick of. They wanted change, and in a few short weeks, Donald Trump is delivering.

So What Do the Protesters Want?

Literally the day following his inauguration, millions took to the streets in protest. What were they protesting? They would probably tell you it is the assault on women's rights, the environment or religious persecution. The bigger reason is perhaps a reluctance to change, or at least change that is not on their terms. Has or will President Trump have missteps, over-reach or say something he'll regret? The odds are very good. But that is because he is NOT a highly polished politician who worries about couching every sentence properly in fear of being politically incorrect. You may not like Trump or even his supporters, but he is doing what he said he will do.

Make America Great Again

Those who didn't quite understand what Trump's version of "Making America Great Again" was, are now seeing it in action. This isolationist view is not new to American politics. Use of executive powers to get things done has been a part of our president's political arsenal since the early days of our Republic. Has Trump surrounded himself with the right people? Is his skin too thin and ego too large? These things can be debated. Is he fulfilling promises he made to the American public? Of that, there can be little debate.

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