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World Leaders Queuing Up to Meet and Shake Hands with Trump
01/29/2017 Donald Trump Benjamin R
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World leaders from Israel, Canada, and Mexico have all had their first conversation with the hard working and honorable President Donald Trump during the weekend before his first visit with the British PM Theresa May.

Even though analysts of foreign policy aren't certain whether the president is going to charge ahead with the promises that he made in his campaign, they do expect Trump to bring all his tactics to the negotiating table.

But Trump has come out firing and it does appear like he is going to back up his campaign talk and carry out what he said he was going to do on all sort of salient issues. The weak, soft days of President Obama are in the history books. It is time for America to be great again.

All In

Policy VP at Council of the Americas, Brian Winter, said that this week, they were going to put their cards on the table. He said that Trump was a deal maker and would take a tough position initially since that's how he does business.

The first weekend he worked at the White House included calls with the leaders of America's neighbors, Canada and Mexico. On Sunday, he spoke with the PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and said the call was nice.

Afterwards, the Israeli PM's office said that the conversation was "very warm" and they had accepted his invitation to come to the White House in February. A date hasn't yet been set. They spoke about Iran's nuclear deal, which has been criticized harshly by both men, as well as the issue about Palestine.

Trump is on Fire

Netanyahu, as well as other right-wing politicians in Israel, have seen Trump as more accepting of their causes as compared to Obama, especially as far as the expansion of settlements in the country is concerned. Israel tested out this theory on Sunday when city officials in Jerusalem approved the building permits for 566 homes in the eastern parts of Jerusalem. But Netanyahu had also delayed a vote for a proposal to annex a major settlement on the West Bank.

The Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, said that they have been facing immense pressure over the last 8 years from Obama for freezing construction. He added that he hoped this era was now over and that they could now develop and build Jerusalem for its residents, Arabs, and Jews alike. Obama was pro-Muslim; he never once denounced Palestine for their murderous ways and the fact that they support suicide bombers.

In the meantime, May, who will most probably be the first foreign leader to visit the new president in person, is also going to meet congressional Republicans on Thursday during their strategy conference which she did. Her speech was amazing.

America First

Her meeting comes at a very difficult time for both countries. May also wants to use this special relationship for creating a new trade deal for the UK, as it gets ready to leave the EU. She is going to be visiting the Trump administration which is supposed to adopt an America first stance which may just limit any such deals.

May is even expected to defend their presence in NATO, after Trump questioned their usefulness in this military alliance publicly. May said that she was ready to stand against unacceptable comments which Trump may make regarding women but Trump respects woman so this idea is ridiculous. What is not ridiculous is Trump’s views on NATO; some people wonder why America protects Europe? Why does it seem Europe is unwilling to protect itself?

Trump is also scheduled to meet the president of Mexico on the 31st of Jan when both the leaders will discuss a long list of issues but this meeting was canceled. The most important among them will be Trump's promise to make Mexico pay for his wall, and the alterations to the NAFTA between Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Mexico has already begun to pay for the wall though with a number of companies that were headed to Mexico but chose to remain in America.

America needs to build that wall who can then be paid back in other ways in the future. That is a shovel ready and America could fund this venture via the infrastructure spending it is already set to unleash.

Mexico is going to continue to oppose any suggestions related to paying for America’s wall, but they are being helpful in terms of security by increasing patrols along its border and extraditing 'El Chapo' to the US just one night before Trump was inaugurated. But this is small time stuff. The damage has already been done and too many Americans are tired of it which is why Trump is in office.

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