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NAFTA Changes and some other Orders to be Given
01/28/2017 NAFTA Benjamin R
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After President Trump said that his new administration was going to begin working from Monday after his inauguration, he spent his Sunday issuing a number of executive orders on topics ranging from the economy to Israel to immigration. He also included a reworking of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).


Overlooking the swearing-in of thirty new staff members at the White House, Trump said that he was going to be meeting with Justin Trudeau and Enrique Pena Nieto, the Prime Minister of Canada and President of Mexico, respectively. The meetings were going to be focused on discussing NAFTA changes which he claims has shipped jobs out of the US to other countries, mainly Mexico while Mexico has allowed tons of drugs to poor into America across the American border which has actually happened.

Trump added that Mexico was co-operating and the president had an amazing attitude. Though Mexico is not happy with Trump many Americans have been highly frustrated with how Mexico has been eating America’s lunch with no repercussions.

The public schedule for Trump's Monday meetings included separate meetings with union and corporate leaders, lunch with VP Pence, an intelligence briefing, a meeting with Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, and a reception for the leaders of Congress. In the morning he had set time aside to sign executive orders ceremoniously.

Israel Angle

Just a couple of days after the inauguration, Donald Trump spoke with Benjamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel and was readying to meet first responders and law enforcement who were working at the inaugural weekend.

Trump said that the conversation was nice but didn't elaborate on it. The White House said that they spoke about Iran, the peace process between Israel and Palestine, and the Islamic State. Trump also invited Netanyahu in February to Washington and Netanyahu accepted the invite.

There are some more executive actions which are going to be announced soon. Trump spoke with Fox News and said that Monday was the day when they started working and signing, and making some good deals for the US. It is about time! And these deals are not based on lies like the Iran nuclear deal or Obamacare! The expected executive orders over the coming days gave Trump an opportunity to put his stamp on the administration, including plans to roll back a whole lot of Obama's agenda. Trump and his aides said that orders were being made to reverse the restrictions placed by Obama on carbon emissions during energy production and changes in the country's immigration policy which are both long overdue!


Trump might just hold off on one of Obama's executive orders, though, his decision to defer the deportation of migrants who came to the US illegally as kids. Many people want it to be a crime to drive a car without knowing English and to make English the official language of America.

During his first week as the President of the United States, Trump has served multiple notices saying he was going to continue employing his outspoken tactics that worked so well for him during the presidential campaign.

In his inaugural address, Trump attacked establishment politicians for creating so much American carnage with all those crime-ridden neighborhoods and lost jobs.

On Sunday, during the first time he made a public appearance in the White House's East Room, Trump returned to a conventional presidential tone. He said it wasn't about the party. It wasn't about his ideology. It was about the country and serving the people. He said they were there to devote themselves for the national good.

In the ceremony, Trump said he got a beautiful letter from Barack Obama, as is the tradition whenever a new President enters the White House. He said it was a nice gesture and he was going to cherish it. He also said he wasn't going to tell the press what was in the letter. Perhaps someday!
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