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Senate Launches Campaign to Repeal Obamacare Bill
01/22/2017 Repeal Obamacare Bill Benjamin R
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Republicans in the Senate have launched an effort to try and replace the beleaguered and disastrous healthcare law of Barack Obama by approving a budget they've called the repeal resolution.

The Vote

The Senate voted 51-48 for this measure which relied on the same process that was used 7 years ago for approving this landmark law known for its broken website and fallacious name (it is anything but affordable).

This resolution is going to prepare the stage for legislative relief from this law which Americans have been demanding for a very long time while trying to ensure stability. The bridge built by Obamacare is quickly collapsing, and this is the rescue team.

Senators were bleary-eyed while walking to the exits and the final vote was wrapped up around 1:30 am ET.

Before the vote on Thursday, a political spectacle called vote-a-rama unfolded on the floor of the Senate. This symbolic exercise which started on Wednesday and stretched into Thursday was ripe for the theater. But, the tone was largely subdued and missed the fire of some of the voting marathons from the previous years.

The Drill

This late night drill was still used by unwise Democrats for publicly defending the collapsing Act that was 2,000 pages long that no one read, and chastising their colleagues for starting this process to try and overhaul a law which was uncalled for and largely hated by public at large. In the meantime, Republicans stressed on the harmful impact of this law and the urgent requirement of doing away with it.

This law has increased the costs for responsible Americans for the sake of the irresponsible. That is just plain un-American. No one has the right to free health care. First off, it is not free. Doctors do not work for free and giving away things for free connotes laziness and does not compel people to be productive members of society. On top of this, it separated people from their doctors which was not supposed to happen.

This law was based on lies like the Iran nuclear deal and that is another topic.

Senators have introduced more than one-hundred and sixty amendments to their budget resolution which led to a long sessions of roll call votes and impassioned speeches. Even though the votes weren't binding and the resolution didn't require the signature of the president, the process did help in crystallizing the top priorities of the Republicans as they try to undo Obamacare which has added trillions of dollars onto the mounting national debt.

Repel Obamacare

Their most important amendments were all aimed at doing away with the provisions of Obamacare. They also tried protecting measures that dealt with pre-existing conditions and reproductive healthcare for women.

Trumps Plan

In a conference held on Wednesday, President Trump said that a plan was already in place which was going to be revealed once Tom Price, his Health & Human Services secretary, was confirmed. Price is an outspoken critic of Obamacare and had introduced legislation to get rid of it in the past too.

Trump suggests that this plan may just come from his administration, but a spokesman for the transition said that he could not confirm what the President's intention was.

Even Mike Pence, the new Vice President met senators on Wednesday at the Capitol. While exiting his meeting, Manchin said the new VP had promised a draft replacement of Obamacare within the next 1-2 months.

Republicans at Capitol Hill don't have a plan for replacing it just yet and are looking at a number of legislative paths. Though they should not have to replace it; America’s health care platform was better before Obamacare came around but soon America’s health care platform will be even better than that. And health care costs will decrease because competition will soon enter the health care market because people will be able to reach over state lines to obtain a health insurance policy. You cannot do that now!

They are exploring if replacement measures can be inserted into the reconciliation bill which the Republicans will hope to vote on by Feb or Mar. Leaders are even looking into if healthcare reform measures or a replacement can be inserted into the reauthorization bills which Congress is supposed to take up as the year goes on.
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