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Should America Aid Christian Groups in Iraq and Syria?
01/13/2017 Religious Freedom Helen J
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Religious freedom is a foundation of America and the belief system of the country. Due to the beliefs of Americans, it is heartbreaking to hear about the complete lack of religious freedoms allowed in Iraq and Syria. On January 9, 2017, H.R. 379 was introduced with the goal of assisting Christians and Yazidi individuals who are targeted in their home countries.The steep decline in individuals practicing Christian beliefs as well as the attacks on leaders within the communities has raised the question about whether America should get involved in the situation. 

Why Should America Give Aid?

The first question that arises is why America should give aid to Christian and Yazidi individuals living in Iraq and Syria. The primary reason to consider the assistance is the consistent targeting occurring in the countries. Christian and Yazidi individuals are being forced to pay more in taxes, are targeted for violent attacks and are seeing a steep decline in their population. Many are attempting to flee persecution in their home country. 

Are There Reasons to Avoid Giving Aid?

Since the attacks on certain groups in Iraq and Syria seem similar to an attempt at genocide, it does not seem logical to ignore the situation; however, there are reasons some individuals or leaders may hesitate to get involved directly. Since a large portion of new refugees seeking asylum are Christian and Yazidi, some may assume that they already have aid working on their behalf. The other concern is the vague details regarding H.R. 379. The bill proposes aid and other purposes, so it raises the question about what other purposes are part of the provided aid and how those purposes may impact the individuals granted aid from America.

Will the Bill Help?

Ultimately, the goal of H.R. 379 is a positive venture; however, it may need some adjustments before it actually provides the relief and assistance Christian and Yazidi groups need to relocate or improve their life situation. By clarifying the goals of the bill and evaluating the ways it proposed to help Christians and Yazidi, it may result in taking action. The key to the bills success and the way it may help depends on the actual application of the bill and the way leaders in our nation choose to manage the current political climate in Iraq and Syria.

Freedom is the foundation of America and it is likely we will provide aid to Christian and Yazidi individuals who are persecuted in Iraq and Syria. The challenge is finding the right methods to assist when the governments of the countries are hostile toward America.

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