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A Short Brief About some New US Senators from Both Sides of the Aisle
01/13/2017 US Senators Benjamin R
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Even though the election cycle was a hectic one, there is very little which has changed as far as the US Senate is concerned. Most endangered Republicans have held their seats and the Democrats are in the hot seat in 2018 in regards to senators and several seats. But, there are a few new elected senators too. Seven to be precise. Here's a little information about a few of them:

Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada - D)

She is the first woman to be representing Nevada in the senate and did this state choose the wrong woman? How does socialism help the gambling industry?

She's also the first Latino woman ever in the chamber which does not mean anything if you do not know how America became the greatest country in the world. She replaced the big government favoring and anti-cop Harry Reid. She ran an aggressive campaign because she is determined to continue attacking the private sector for the sake of the irresponsible and lazy people in America. This is only better for the people in Arizona since the jobs that leave California will go to AZ and not NV.

She raised the minimum wage despite it being proven this leads to more automations and less jobs, protected the struggling Medicare system and Social Security despite America not being able to afford to pay people for about 17 years of their life (it was never meant to last this long for someone’s life) and even passed various immigration reforms that undermine American sovereignty.

She helped remake Nevada by directing federal funding towards her state which will soon change with Trump taking over. But no one can be as terrible as Harry Reid. He is a vile person and does not care about America at all.

Tammy Duckworth (Illinois - D)

She was able to defeat Mark Kirk with ease in an expected victory this year. She led recently in the polls and most Illinois voters have said that they believed Kirk did not recover fully from his stroke in 2012 and couldn't perform his duties properly.

During the senate campaign, she said she was going to work with Russia and establish a no-fly zone for Syria while putting additional pressure on various NATO allies like Turkey to help them out. Some people believe NATO does not exist since NATO members do not invest enough in their militaries and rely too much on America. Does Tammy Duckworth believe this? Since she is a Democrat, probably not!

She even said that private-public partnerships needed to be leveraged so that tuition-free vocational training could be provided at community colleges. This will be the first ever step towards setting up a free community college for everyone but nothing is free and too many Americans do not seem to realize this. America is $20 trillion in debt and America spends too much on high schools and thousands of students graduate every year without knowing what they should because of political correctness among other things. Tammy Duckworth, like most Democrats, completely ignore this issue because of the teachers’ unions which prop up the Democrats.

She wants to increase investment when it comes to infrastructure but does not seem willing to do what it takes to fix the problems that are destroying Chicago.

Todd Young (Indiana - R)

He is an ex-Marine who made sure to let people know about it at every opportunity he got during the campaign. He won the open Senate seat in Indiana by defeating the most formidable politician of Indiana ever, Evan Bayh. It wasn't the race Young expected. After his decisive win in the primaries last May, he was ready to face Baron Hill, who he had defeated in 2010 during a House race. Hill then withdrew from the race, and this is when Bayh came into the picture.

Young was among the few Republicans who joined the Democrats when voting for the 2013 partial government shutdown. He was more than willing to cast tough votes which helped him quite a bit when it comes to overhauling the tax code (which will be done soon on a federal level) and looking for new ways of funding social service programs (the retirement age needs to be increased which may or may not happen). Social security was never meant to carry someone for 20 years.

Young said that he hoped the Senate considers him among the go-to experts as far as helping the vulnerable and poor is concerned. His political experience includes stints working with Richard Lugar on energy policy and the conservative Heritage Foundation.

John Kennedy (Louisiana - Rep)

He pulled a win off on the 10th of Dec in the last race of the senate in 2016. He is the state treasurer. He defeated Foster Campbell, Public Service Commissioner, during a runoff to become a member of the senate.

He's a former Democrat and has run twice for the senate seat unsuccessfully in the past. He managed to beat Campbell by 63 percent to 37 percent.

The race got some national attention with its 24 candidates including David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan. It even attracted a lot of attention when various prominent Republicans decided to help Kennedy during the last few weeks.

In the meantime, Campbell did not get any help from the Democrats. John Bel Edwards, the Louisiana Governor, who was very popular in his state, endorsed Campbell during his campaign but even this was not enough.
Campbell was hoping to benefit from the upset of Edwards in 2015 when he had defeated David Vitter, the Republican senator here.

Kennedy unsuccessfully ran for the senate back in 2004 (Democrat) and 2008 (Republican). He entered the race and was a favorite because of his name recognition statewide. Kennedy won 5 races statewide and had a lot of political experience including working as special counsel for Buddy Roemer, the ex-Republican governor.

During his campaign, Kennedy took aim at the disastrous and actually unaffordable Affordable Care Act, the signature issue achieved by the golf playing President Obama. Obama is quite unpopular in Louisiana. While announcing his bid for the senate seat, he said that he wanted to take the country back to when the government stopped intruding in so many peoples’ lives. This is not socialist Europe or corrupt Central or South America. He was worried that the country was losing its conservative values where family unity made communities better.
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