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A Democrat Proposes a Bill To Inhibit Offshoring!
01/13/2017 Congress Seth L
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Republican President-elect Donald Trump has made a lot of noise about how he wants to end the epidemic of American manufacturers outsourcing and sending their jobs to countries overseas.

Well, surprisingly, it wasn't a Republican but a Democrat who's sponsored legislation that would formalize this effort. Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) has introduced a bill, HR 357, The Overseas Outsourcing Accountability Act, which would "require the President to develop and release a comprehensive national strategy to prevent United States employers from overseas outsourcing and offshoring practices that impact the United States workforce."

The bill would require Trump to formulate and present his plans for preventing companies from sending jobs overseas or using offshore (by which would be meant any nation outside U.S. borders) labor to produce their goods. Trump would have from Inauguration Day until April 20 to draft his plans. The bill mandates that the plans must include long-term and short-term goals for preventing outsourcing, structural changes Trump would make to advance these goals and "specific actions to be taken to achieve such goals."

The intention of Bustos' bill would be for Democrats to hold Trump to his campaign promises regarding American companies and labor.

On October 21 of this year, Trump gave a speech in North Carolina in which he said he'd like to consolidate American trade policy into a single office that would protect and oversee the interests of the nation's workers. Trump referred to this office as "The American Desk." However, this vague vision did not show up in written form on Trump's campaign website.

In a statement, Bustos declared, "[Trump] has made it one of his signature issues to stop outsourcing, and rather than present a comprehensive strategy, he has chosen to move from one tweet to the next. Working families deserve more than 140 characters... We will work with President-elect Trump if he presents a plan that's going to help our families."

Bustos' bill would also require Trump to give a report to Congress at least once every two years updating lawmakers on his progress toward achieving the goals outlined in his plan. The report would offer an assessment of how well the plan was working as far as retention of American companies and workers as well as the impact on the overall economy.

President-elect Trump hasn't released a statement regarding Bustos' bill. He has, however, trumpeted deals and promises made by Carrier, Ford Motor Company, Apple and Chinese firm Alibaba Group.

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